wip 11.16.13

a lazy day home.
love watching her sleep. sorry for all the sleeping baby pictures.

nick brought dinner. that's a whole lotta fries!
had a picnic night. watched a movie. can't even remember what! so sad since i'm actually only a two weeks behind in posting these. i need to keep more detailed notes!

got up early with this cutie pie.

nick had to go to work. my mom came to visit with ben. he complained to grandma that she only spends time with baby. that she leaves when he gets home.

nick got back and we had visitors. had planned on making meyer's specials. it was raining and yucky. so we turned them into grilled versions on the stove. still super tasty.

ben and his olive fingers.

declan and his sword swallowing skills. let me tell you, dave was very proud!

mike enjoying our endless supply of candy. we never eat it. some of it is probably 2 years old!

the babies.

the boys.

plus two more boys.

playing frisbee.

nick convinced dave to stay and watch superman with him. steph had to leave and do a thirtyone party thing. mike and ry had baby stuff to do. i tried to sleep on the floor. didn't really happen with miss sage running around. oh well.

nick and ben ran out to target and jimmy john's. then the crazy storm rolled in and we spent some time in the basement. thankfully, we were okay and so was the house.

came back upstairs and watched some football and ben and nick played with ben's new bow and arrow.

this little girl enjoyed making silly faces. 

ben wanted to hold his sister.


once the kids were asleep we watched more football. totally should have switched to something that wasn't kid appropriate. it's funny how we forget. like when disney jr is on and the kids have been asleep for like an hour!

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