ten on tuesday 11.19.13

- i'm not ready for winter. but i did buy a cute scarf!
- had a brain fart and posted amelia's third month post out of order, chronologically. oops.
- heard the same song on four different radio stations at the same time this morning. annoying.
- this weather is crazy. snow and then tornadoes six days later?
- attacking christmas like a boss. so close to being done! woot.
- thinking of trying out some essential oils. where is this coming from? first emergen-c now oils?!
- why can people not pronounce my last name? press-ner. not prezner.
- ben told me he really likes baby in the morning because she's extra smiley and happy. ;)
- i have no hair to begin with and these hormone changes are making it fall out like crazy. i even clogged the shower with it. that has never happened.
- went to a parent teacher conference for ben yesterday. proud to be his momma. so happy to hear he's a good kid. <3

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