wip 9.14.13

did some errands while my mom stayed with amelia. came home and cleaned.
nick went on a bike ride and we had a lazy evening with the kids once he got back.
but while nick was gone, i made ben some roads out of painter's tape. thank you pinterest!

she was thrilled by the roads. :)

made apple crescent roll ups as seen on pinterest. {meh.}

watched capture while both kids napped. pretty cool show.
headed out to kids in capes at the fairgrounds.

ben got to reuse last year's halloween costume.

was a perfect day to be outside. really glad my coworker told me about the event. was for a great cause!

there were little stops along the 5k route where kids could get bad guys! 

and different obstacles and activities.

someone was super excited and kept running ahead. daddy was on ben duty and i just walked along carrying a sleepy amelia. 

trying to lasso in and bring back those balls.

miss kate was upset that i didn't wear my cape, so she gave me a special one!

batman and robin!

frisbees! dad and ben were stoked about this one!

time to get the bad guys with water guns.

really wish they had a shirt like this. i always feel terrible supporting one type of cancer and not another with my job.

there were refreshments afterwards. i didn't get a rootbeer cookie but heard they were fabulous! 

cheese! two of my loves.

someone still had lots of energy when we got home. so he took off on his 'bat mobile!'

someone is silly long. her 0-3 month rompers and complete floods. sigh...

article in paper about the event. and quoting the 'pressman' family.

ran to gym first thing in morning, and then stracks. when i got back, nick got called out to work. :(


the super hero fun continued. ben was getting bad guys to keep 'mommy and baby safe.'


don't ask. it really wasn't up his nose. just perfect placement.

and camped out so he could use his phone that needed to be plugged in.

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