i got nothing.

seems like it's the same ole same ole around here.
i'm sure it really isn't. it just seems that way. feeling a little trapped at home. i know i'm not. but the weather has been so hit or miss that it just seems easier to stay in. venturing out thursday for sure. first time by myself... well, just me and my wee man. ;o)

got a hair cut saturday. nick told me i got a mom hair cut. jerkface! prior to the haircut he told me i was a milf, so he said it was okay to joke about it. thinking about coloring it again. maybe next time...

took mr. ben out to dinner last night. he did great. a little fussy when we first got there. then he chilled. so proud. i think it might have helped that he didn't have to stay in the car seat. there were holding volunteers. so cute that they volunteer to give up their dinner so we can eat and baby can be happy.

miss braiden got to finally play with baby benji. she was so cute. a bit miffed that they didn't have matching blankets when nick swaddled ben. thinking might have to hook jas and chris up with matching baby blankets when their new addition arrives! i hear bolt was a good movie... i saw it as my opportunity to take an hour and a half nap.

hit a wine tasting too. found some yummy new wines. and an awesome gift for a blog reader. so that has to stay quite until they get it. and all you lurkers should really say hello.

baby announcements are out. yippee. will post them here along with a link to his baby photo shoot soon. don't want to do it too soon and have people miss out in seeing them in person first. you international peeps, might just seem them here first.

benny boo boo is an inferno. no wonder i was hot all the time when i was pregnant. little guy is on fire. nick's dad said that he was like that as a child too... could be bad for our air conditioner this summer!

hmm. i think that is all the randomness i have right now.
oh yeah, benjamin gave us his first 'real' smile the other day. so cute. actually got some eye squintiness. not just random gas smiles. ;o)


one month!

i can't believe it. time has FLOWN! don't think mr. ben believes it either. ;o)

sorry for the delay. lots going on. nick is finally almost better. hard to be sleep deprived or sick. but both at the same time... a doozy and lucky for us we both experienced it!

-got the okay from the doc for a 'real' bath. he loves it. can be crying his head off and the minute he hits the water, he is happy. until he's cold... i'm a big bath person and nick was constantly in the bath as a child. so the apple didn't fall far from the tree! here's mr. man chilling on the changing table after a bath.

-celebrated his first holiday... easter.

cute little outfit courtesy of jason and christy. nick promised him he won't have to wear crazy seasonal outfits for long!

-benjamin got his first cold. yup, i gave it to him. didn't require a visit to the ped but lil man was miserable for a day or so. just really congested. i think he actually began to like the blue boogey suction bulb... he knew he would breathe better after it!

-is in love with his hands. so cute. i keep missing the picture of him holding them together. maybe someday...

-has officially grown out of newborn outfits and diapers. biggie is now in 1 diapers and 0-3 mos clothing.

-loves his bouncer. and that means i do too! perfect place for me to put him after his feeding and diaper change when i'm pumping...

and his no more pictures pose...

-his feet barely fit in 0-3 mos onesies. the toes are right at the seam.

-is loving making faces and sounds.

-is eating like a madman. 3 ounces every 2.5-3 hours. we're working on increasing the amount. didn't make much of a difference this morning, so we shall see...

-makes a boatload of noises while sleeping. might look into moving him into his crib soon...

-hung out with grandma lydia while mom and dad went to a wine tasting. and he did great! so did grandma. ;o)

-baby announcements are in the works. hoping to have them out in the next week. are super cute if i do say so myself. robin did an awesome job. and i will be posting a link to his photo shoot soon. then family can order what they want online...

-is mostly a happy lil guy... who is loved very much!

and some random pics from his one month photo shoot...

k. that was officially the most time taken to post on here ever. started at 730 this morning and it's now 115... sheesh!

hoping to get around to comparing the newbie/one month pics in photoshop... we'll see how that goes. might take me four more days! ;o)


2 out of 3...

are now sorta healthy.
it's nick's turn to be sick. poor guy.
hoping that we are all normal by the weekend. ugh!

oh and baby updates tomorrow. cannot believe he'll be four weeks old! egads.


daytime tv...

not sure i could be a stay at home mom. well, i'm sure it would be different when mr. ben is mobile and more awake and playful. but right now, i cannot handle daytime tv.
oprah has had boring episodes this week. must be her serious week. which blows.
the price is right is okay. drew is no bob but he isn't that bad of a host.
ellen is my only other must watch. sometimes bonnie hunt since she's on before then...
thank god for tivo/comcast dvr. been living on throwdown with bobby flay, challenges on food network, ace of cakes, the duel 2 on mtv, hooray for a new season of deadliest catch, mythbusters, dirty jobs, food detectives and iron chef america. dude, i'm apparently in love with food network and discovery!
then there's my nightly favorites. well, two. around the horn and pti. and yay for sportscenter now running new episodes during the day!
thinking that i should have mister fussbucket's schedule figured out by the end of this week. hoping to make my way into my scrapbooking room and start working on some ben projects!
that and the weather is warmer, so i see some walks and field trips on our agenda! ;o)



what did this sleep deprived mamma go and do?
get a cold.
oy. has been not so fabulous.
nick commented last night on the ride home, how i had a sexy phone voice until i coughed and sounded like an 88 year old smoker. nice.
and to top it off... today was nick's first day back to work. so that meant i was on baby duty all night. which equals not so much sleep.
feeling a bit better. hoping a night out with the hubs will help.
a better update coming soon!


at 2 weeks.

mr. ben had his first pediatric appointment.
went well. really liked the office. hadn't done an interview with the doc. he came highly recommended and we couldn't be happier. even got a cute little print out with benjamin's stats on it when we left.

thought i could take his 'zero' photos now since he's basically the same length and weight from birth. at two weeks he weighs 8 pounds 3 ounces. and is still 19 3/4. his head is huge. i forget exactly and am too lazy to walk to the kitchen to get it... but his head is in the 54 percentile. his weight is 38th and length is 19th. aka. mr. big head.
found the onesie stickers at etsy. didn't know she had an actual website. cute, cute, cute!

mr. biggie. not the best position. have a hard time getting him to keep his hands out of his face. he loves pictures. just like momma!

then there's his mr. fussbucket pose...
check the new socks. such a big boy!

and a crying baby one just for krystn. ;o)

and the content baby we know and love...

so at two weeks mr. ben:
-is taking between 3-4 ounces of breast milk every 3-4 hours. last night he slept for about 5 hours. woot!
-has been cleared to take a real bath. his stump fell off about a week ago. but he had a little scab. were waiting for his pedi's okay.
-follows you with his eyes.
-will stick his tongue out, make an 'o' face, and make fishy face sometimes.
-will look for nick and i if he hears our voices while someone else is holding him.
-loves to be swaddled.
-can lift his head a bit. looks like a little old turtle when he does tummy time. {must take picture or video}
-still has dry skin on his hands and feet.
-played video games with daddy for the first time!
-makes the cutest little whiney cry. again must record...
-loves his hands. if they aren't in the mitted onesies they are touching his face or binky or bottle or one another. so cute.

and one more cute picture... thinking i'll do these monthly in addition to the onesie ones to compare his size. this was a quick one snapped on our bed. will work out the logistics for the next one. kinda hard since he doesn't sit well!


first of all,

my husband has been amazing. don't know what i'm going to do when he goes back to work next week. he has been awesome all day, but totally saving my ass at night. i'm a sound, sound sleeper. everyone told me that would change when i had baby. not so much.
last night, for example, i was dead to the world. out cold. so nick dealt with gassy mr. ben while i was in dreamland. okay, i don't remember any dreams. but i was out. nick even said he tried to wake me a few times so i could go pump. how great that i had a conversation with him... in my sleep?! scary.

since i've been a slacker, i will just update some little bits that i don't want to forget...

-stopped actual breastfeeding. my boobs could not handle it. have been pumping only for over a week and it's working out well. have already started to freeze some pouches. and is so helpful when i'm passed out and unwakeable {what a word?}. otherwise, mr. bean might starve! still need to find a decent nursing bra. these girls are out of control!

-benjamin has clogged tear ducts. called the pediatrician on friday to confirm. poor wee man could barely open his eye that morning. were told just to use a washcloth to clean it regularly and massage it. nick looked it up online and a few websites recommended putting some breast milk in the eye. what? we'll just massage the duct thank you very much. well, that was the plan until nick accidently dropped some in his eye before a feeding. guess what? it freaking worked. so they're on the mend. you can kinda see the goop in this picture...

-ventured out of the house. twice. went to target and the grocery store one day. and babies r us the next. very nice. a bit tiring. but good. wishing the weather was better so we could go on walks. hopefully, it will warm up by the end of the week.

-had our newborn photo shoot with miss robin. they're awesome. not sharing just yet. want to work out baby announcements first. then i'll share the link. her website has been upgraded so the family can purchase pics that they might want directly online. so cool.

-had my first glass of wine! a nice romantical dinner with the hubs. courtesy of mr. jason. picture courtesy of nicholas! not sure what the wine was... besides yummy. and the dinner was home made chili mac. so sweet of them.

the wine kicked my ass. i'm so out of shape. i was halfway through the glass and hotter than heck! thinking we might go to a wine tasting next monday. not sure yet. it'll be nick's first day back to work. we'll see how the week goes....

-found out the mr. ben's feet are too big for newborn socks...

picture isn't the greatest... you can see that his heel clearly goes past the black section that a normal newbie's heel would be. hoping the socks we bought him will now fit!

-and a cute benny bean picture just because... oh and we've figured out where a few of his traits came from. my dad swears ben has his hair. and feet. nick's dad and lil man share the same eyes. it was kinda crazy when we realized that saturday night. i mumbled it to nick and two seconds later his dad made a comment. strange. nick definitely gave ben his ears. and i've been told he has my round face. and my mom swears he has her first nose. ;o)

-promise to try to be a better blogger from now on...