wip 6.15.13


peapod day. love that they recycle the bags!

nick really needed his coffee. this was how he left the sugar. made me laugh because i just commented about one of his little quirks and how ben picked it up! 

target stop and some starbucks. seriously, cannot get enough coffee {mostly half caff} this pregnancy. 

and fruit. so excited for these cherries. i ate them in one day. that's okay because it's fruit, right?

when the boys got home, we ran some errands. really needed to get some baby stuff. figured with about a month to go, it really needed to be done!

ben passed the time in the check out line by jumping from colored square to colored square!

while we were out, i got a text from my dad asking if i played candy crush. so funny. shocked that he is as into texting as he is... and candy crush?! could not stop laughing. apparently, he needed a ticket or something. still holding strong and not joining in!

dairy queen stop! {happy to say that i haven't had another since this picture was taken. i guess this pregnant woman does have a bit of willpower!}


the boys playing zingo. it's ben's new favorite game. beware if you come over, he'll make you play it and probably cheat! :)

nick wanted to see the new superman. i was a bit hesitant about length and content but who am i?
so we went.

my sweet, little clark kent.

he was a total trooper. the movie was long. i was antsy. that doesn't say much, though.
have to admit that i was confused at first. kept wondering where peter parker was. doh. that's spider man! then i realized that i have never seen a superman movie! this was my first. was good. and superman was hot. that always helps!

came home and headed to the cooper's for some swimming. was kinda chancy since it really should have been beaner's nap time. but was worth a shot...

they played chicken...

and went down the slide a zillion times.
ben is usually laying down. not sure why... we need to work on his abs or something. but he doesn't do it on other slides, so who knows!

sad day for the pressner's. the water camera died. it had given us some good pictures. lasted four years? 

i think all of the pictures were taken on my phone... not the best for reaction times, but made it work.

nick got a phone call about work while we were there. mister stud muffin and i walked home on our own so nick could finish up the call and then hurry up and head to work.

a super fat shadow! 

we napped. was afraid ben would fall off of the bed!

nick was home and ben wanted him to open his father's day presents. didn't spend much but i wanted ben to give nick something.

ben bought him: a mini disc golf set, some frisbees, and an instructional disc golf book. ;)

had yogurt for dinner. my ob thinks my leg cramps are calcium, not potassium, related. and i hate milk, so cheese and yogurt it is!


happy father's day!
nick played frisbee golf with his dad and uncle. beans and i enjoyed a lazy morning.
ben's been on a toast kick. wanted it with chocolate chips! i agree, sweet boy, peanut butter and chocolate chips are delicious on some toast!

had to run out and pick up a few odds and ends.
not sure why he's been sitting like this in the car. cracks me up!

he's an awesome helper. so strong! {yes, it's empty!}

he's so obsessed with zingo, he plays by himself! 

we napped and the boys came home right around when we woke up. nick picked out a recipe that he wanted to try from my pinterest boards. it had been quite some time since we had made any pinterest recipes. these were all keepers. {have a recipe post in the works. coming soon to a blog near you!}

more zingo!

we then went over to my parents to visit.
this was the strangest salsa i have ever tried. i love green olives. i'm a huge fan of cilantro. not sure if i'm a fan of them together!

more disc golf fun.
even though it is littler that i thought it would be, i'm happy it's super portable and ben likes it! {best gifts for parents are ones they can use with their kids, right? well, maybe just father's day and mother's day!}

solar cover time. always an adventure when it comes to pool shenanigans at the parental unit's residence... today was no different. 

nick and kevin hurried up and got it on the pool before a certain someone could get back outside. good timing boys! 

ben was on a pick up stick hunt. told him i would give him a penny per stick. he gave up after about five. apparently, he gets his yard work ethic from me! 

comparing beer/baby bellies. {35 weeks!}

had a personal pedicurist stop by and help me out with my chipping polish. she also kept me company for a few hours since nick had to go to work.

she did a great job for not liking feet!

went upstairs after she left and found that someone had rolled his way out of his tent. silly boy.


wordless wednesday. grandpa's little helper.

it was only a matter of time before he started working on cars with my dad and my brother around!
helping grandpa put air in mom's tires. {7.2.13}


ten on tuesday 7.9.13

- baby bug's arrival countdown has entered single digits. zomg! i'm kinda going to start freaking out now.

- in all honesty, i'm more excited than freaked. especially since summer has finally decided to join us and i am hot!

- stumbled across this show yesterday. ben was obsessed. wanted me to fast forward through the commercials. love that we don't watch much live tv! kept asking what the name was... didn't want to tell him and have him go to school and tell them he watched 'oh shit' instead of 'oh sit' last night!

- wendy's has a new pretzel bacon burger. was pretty tasty. everything is better with pretzel bun/bread, right?

- have my pedicure and prenatal massage all set up for this weekend and next week. hoping she cooperates and i get to enjoy both before her arrival.

- two more days of work! looking forward to two days of maternity leave before baby bug arrives.

- excited about exercising. what is wrong with me?! clearly, being pregnant in this weather has messed with my mind. {also the bed rest in the beginning really limited what i could do the entire time.} so ready to be active.

- i ate an entire box of cereal in about a week. i could go years without cereal. refusing to buy another box. not sure it was the healthiest option! :)

- loving that ben is such a helper. hoping it stays that way in a week or two!

- cannot wait to see turbo. thinking that will be an august outing since it releases on baby's eviction date!


wip 6.8.13


spent the day tidying up a bit.
sent nick this picture and asked if he really wanted me to take his playstation out with the recycling! ;P

my mom and dad came over to babysit ben and nick and i headed out for our 10 year anniversary dinner. went to lighthouse. didn't really want to do anything too adventurous considering my meal options are limited with this pregnancy. {kinda why we celebrated with a mexico trip last year. knew that a baby could be in our future. hoping for an eleven year getaway too! gonna need some us time after all!}

an after dinner photo op.

went and saw the internship. was funny. not as funny as i had hoped for, but that's okay.

while we were out, my dad planted my garden beds! awesome. i had tomatoes and herbs sitting on our deck for like two weeks. just couldn't find the motivation to go plant them.


woke up to a text from john telling me they would be late to breakfast... what?! it was 857 am! we had plans for sunday breakfast. i have a heart attack. double check my texts and realize i am right, john was confused. phew. good thing too, because nick was just getting out of bed to hop in the shower and head to work!
ben and just hung out. love nap time with him. hoping i can work it into the weekend routine when baby arrives. linus headed upstairs. <3

after our nap, nick was home and we headed outside to enjoy the weather.

my newly planted garden. yay dad!  8 tomato plants. 6 strawberry plants. those damn bunnies better stop eating them! some basil and i forgot what other herb and maybe a cucumber and a zucchini plant.

ben wanted to play bubble bad guys. such a great way for him to run off some energy! 

i think he got tired of running... he asked to play at his sensory table. love that he calls it that. daycare has really rubbed off on him!

rounded up some of ben's old shoes. sorted some for steph and dave and some for robin's shoe drive. 

we got ben a basketball hoop for his big boy room. he was so excited he couldn't even get dressed after his bath to play! had to play naked.  i'm sharing the blurriest photo, so it's kinda like i edited out his bottom!

met john and bill and the girls for breakfast!

then stopped by robin's shoe drive and visited with everyone for a bit.
ben ran into his cousins and they all hung out in the car with their leap pads!

then wynnie and braiden joined in on the fun!
everyone did so good with sharing. super proud of them all!

target for a few odds and end after the shoe drive. love that ben is now such a good helper!

couldn't decide if we wanted to nap or head straight out to the graduation party we had to attend. decided just to bite the bullet and go to the party. hope we could keep him up after we left and get him to nap for a bit when we got home!

cute cookies!

ben was obsessed with the tree house and the momma and baby birds.

silly boy.

cute and easy centerpieces. loved the vases.

some of allie's memorabilia.

he's pretending that he's asleep. but i love how he was sitting...

after nap, we played abc mouse and took it easy. was a crazy morning and early afternoon for us!

cereal for dinner. i am so not a cereal person! but with this pregnancy i have eaten quite a lot of it!

piles and piles of laundry. seriously. i could so do without laundry and dishes. ;)

and just like that only a month behind!