wip 6.1.13


time for happy feet.
i really like this salon. i really don't like having to book so far in advance. sigh...

went with a so not me color. the pink is way brighter in person!

afterwards i ran to target to pass some time before my ultrasound. {ugh. my 5th of this pregnancy.} was a bad idea with trying to drink all that water before the procedure. i thought i might pee myself before i even walked into the outpatient center!

thankfully they were quick and i didn't have to wait even though i was early. the tech was super nice. tried to be reassuring but really wasn't. told me what my ob was worried about. baby was measuring 3 weeks big. instead of my 7.22 due date, she was measuring as 7.1. eek!  now i had to wait two weeks for results. my ob was going out of town. torture!{but we now know everything is fine, so yay!}

came home and tackled some re-organizational projects to take my mind off of things: the linen closet in our bathroom, underneath the master sink. the boys came home when i was in the thick of things. i took a break to chill with ben and made nick learn how to fold all of our sheets together. i do not have the patience for that!

tried to get him to hold it there for 30 seconds. am i mean? he thought it was awesome. and then it kinda teaches patience? maybe. no. okay...

watching a you tube video on our folding options.

 the piles of sheets he had to tackle! unfortunately, i don't have an after. well, i guess i could go take a quick pic of the bathroom linen closet, but i'm comfy, so that's not gonna happen! :)


no better way to start the morning than with coffee and coloring, right?

 when nick got up, we headed out and ran a few errands. really wanted to coordinate some outfits for the maternity shoot that was scheduled the next day.

bought ben his first pixie stick!

he asked me to sit in the back with him. i couldn't say no.
here we are making silly faces will waiting for our burger king order.

came home to eat and nap. holy cow did burger king mess up nick's order. poor guy.

after naps, we decided to brave the weather and head to the drive in. it was pretty last minute. we didn't have our usual dinner and snacks planned. nick decided on pizza, so we called while we were on the road and picked up jj's. it wasn't exactly on the way, but oh well!

ben wanted to visit me while we waiting for nick to get the pizza. 

got to the drive in way later than we usually would... it was dead. i guess the potential for bad weather really deterred a lot of people. 

ben and nick went to burn off some energy.

our first class dinner meal! 

ben wanted to run from our car to the screen and back. have at it kid. the more you wear yourself out the better for mom and dad!

boys and their phones.

time for the movie to start!

it did rain pretty early on. a few people ended up turning their cars around and watched from the driver and passenger seats. we just pulled up the blankets a bit and toughed it out. the problem was adjusting the sound to make up for all those rain drops on the roof!

saw epic and star trek. i feel asleep. shocking. epic was eh and star trek was pretty good. i didn't follow the tv show so it was all pretty new to me. 

lazy morning.

during ben's nap {he slept in our bed}, i went through his closet and packed up some 3t stuff. it was long overdue. then i worked a bit on cleaning out baby bug's closet. still had all of ben's shoes and random items in there. 


called and cancelled our maternity shoot because the weather was just not nice. was so reluctant to do so but 50 degrees and overcast just don't scream outdoor photo session to me!

thankfully, monica was really understanding. {she even said to me the next day, when we did do our shoot, i'm so glad you rescheduled. good call!}

so we did laundry and other random household chores that we would much rather neglect!

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