grumble grumble.

experiencing technical difficulties. hopefully, my i.t. guy can fix things soon. i'm ready to throw this new computer and iphone out the window. ;)


ten on tuesday 10.29.13

- had every intention to blog last night. sat on the couch and passed out. thankfully, miss amelia napped with me. she's a champ!

- spoke with a lady on the phone for a prior authorization, her name was kewpie. i thought that was just a doll. poor lady.

- miss amelia is noticing chewbacca. she's trying so hard to catch him. so funny since she isn't really mobile!

- i have been so slacking that i haven't been keeping tidbits in my phone and that makes this list of ten so much harder.

- love it when you find out that there is a recall on your car when you take it in for an oil change. surprise!

- american horror story: coven. obsessed. and i would like to be reincarnated as a witch. just saying. ;)

- nick has joined in on my candy crush addiction.

- i don't know how people can just drink shakes for their meals. i need to chew to feel full. wait, that's not true. i can eat soup. maybe i need to eat my shakes with a spoon and not a straw?

- new favorite creamer. so good.

- decorated my work pumpkin.... finally. decided on nail art at the last minute. will share tomorrow. but now i'm itching to do a real nail art project. oh jamie... pinterest time! ;)


ten on tuesday 10.22.13

- i'm thinking maybe normal posting next week. maybe?!

- this poor kid. his name is ha-ha. wtf?

- rebel wilson without an accent is weird.

- my tattoo itch is back. ;)

- i thought i had a pinched nerve or pulled muscle in my neck. now i think it's just all of life's stressors lodged there.

- the worst part about young children? constantly changing out the clothes in their closets.

- i love random 4am texts from girlfriends. makes me smile that some time can pass but nothing really changes.

- i feel horrible saying this. i can't wait for this year to be over. we've had tons on our plates. yes, i know we were blessed with healthy baby. that's why i said i feel bad saying it.

- i have retired my flip flop wearing to work. i have to walk through grass to get to the office, well i could walk the long way but that's silly, and it's freaking wet and cold at 730!

-i think i've said it before, but i love cleaning. and i love a clean house. when i'm stressed, i feel so much better when i clean. no. sorry. i think it only works on my own house, so i won't come help you clean.


ten on tuesday 10.8.13

- started christmas shopping this weekend!

- love how ben says nothing. nuf-fing.

- melie was freaking out in the car. nick jokingly turned up the song on the radio, clarity, and shockingly she quieted down. she must have her dad's taste in music.

- ben watched me play candy crush a few times. one day he said, 'mom are you ever gonna beat that level!?'

- love that i can get a cut and color in my own home. is that super lazy to admit?

- don jon tomorrow!

- consistently clocking 7000+ steps on fit bit. weekends are my nemesis. well, at least one day out of the weekend. i get to rest one day, right?!

- i love fall.

- thinking it's going to be a bad blogging week. we shall see. my dreams of catching up on weekend posts are dwindling.

- ben is turning into such a big boy. he now asks to shower in the morning before school. sigh.


miranda's pumpkin patch.

my coworker lost one of her twin grand-daughters a year ago this month. when they brought miranda home with hospice a local orchard donated decorations to make the yard/house pretty for her. miranda's favorite part was the pumpkins. so in her honor, they planted the seeds of those pumpkins and ended up with a huge crop. they decided to let kids come and pick miranda's pumpkins. we missed the event yesterday, but beth was kind enough to let us come out this evening and pick our pumpkins. ben thought long and hard about which one he wanted and which one he wanted for baby. so honored to have been invited and happy to have been a part of honoring a little girl who earned her angel wings way too early. {miracle for miranda}


wip 8.17.13

my mom came over in the morning so i could run errands. so much easier without a baby in tow!
stopped and signed us up for our gym membership! love that it's 24 hours and like 3 minutes from our house. {disclaimer since i'm so late in posting... i've only gone twice since being cleared. i'm using the excuse that it's still nice out. that i'll go more in the crappier weather.}

stopped at this super cute bow store on the square.

picked up some growlers of beer. i love crown blue. just saying.

then it was off to the drive in to see turbo and planes.

"mick's" new favorite thing, is to order pizza and take it to go.

i went and played frisbee with the wee man while nick hung with melie.

3/4 pressners in the back of the flex!

nick outside with baby girl and i stayed inside and snuggled with ben.

turbo was okay. i, of course, fell asleep. nick said he liked it. i barely made it through five minutes of planes. nick was not at all impressed. kind of hard to live up to cars, though.

nick and ben went to karate with jas and the girls. i hung out with miss 'i like to shove my hands in my mouth and knock out my binky then get mad and chew on my hands.'

went to kev's birthday party at the parental unit's house.
ben likes grandpa's pickled peppers. 

nick trying one of dad's hot peppers. but not the super hot ones.

there is video. it's hilarious. nick was glad he didn't try the other one. pretty sure he polished off a few glasses of milk and coughed for a few hours after too!

pool time!

was a bit chilly. they headed to the hot pool pretty quickly.

these two are pretty funny together. <3

someone decided he should sing and blow out candles with the birthday people.

the july birthday club. ;)

bought my mom a giant fly swatter. last year she asked for a fly swatter for her birthday. do you have any idea how hard they are to find?! so when i stumbled across this ginormo one a few months back, i grabbed it. pretty sure the fly is smaller than the square. hope she has good aim!

just us girls. missing my aunt!

ben was trying to help us pack the car!

he's such a good helper!

we had to come home early so nick could go out to work. the kids and i enjoyed a pretty chill rest of the evening.

headed to the beach for noah's birthday party.

auntie bri, nick, and ben. really wishing i didn't have these csection restrictions still!

everyone hanging on the beach. was a great day to be out!

let's bury ben. love that he's such a good sport.

miss bug chilling in the tent.

fun with beach toys.

we brought some games for everyone to play.

there was a major meltdown because nick didn't want to spend the entire time in the water with ben. and ben only wanted daddy.

later he relaxed and headed out with katie and kelly.

pressie time.

my love.

my brother happened to have his boat out and was actually just a bit off shore from where we were. so he came and joined us. the boys played football. i had no clue that kevin could throw a football!

mommy ben self photo op!

the birthday boy had two broken arms. done within two weeks of one another. he was able to use the shovel to get food into his mouth. told trisha she didn't need to go to school with him to feed him at lunchtime... just send him with a shovel!

brotherly love.

everyone just chilling.


girls on baby duty.

melie isn't so sure about all these pictures with cousin megan. she'll learn. ;)

time to pack up.

no! we still want to play.

she's ready!

birthday boy showing off his casts.

cousin megan found ben. time for their self portraits!

wait, noah can use a shovel to eat goldfish... i'm in!

brother on the boat.

i love the beach. just some happy scenery.

long day! it's something else to plan beach time around pumping! happy we went. was so good to visit with everyone and the kids had a blast!