ten on tuesday 10.22.13

- i'm thinking maybe normal posting next week. maybe?!

- this poor kid. his name is ha-ha. wtf?

- rebel wilson without an accent is weird.

- my tattoo itch is back. ;)

- i thought i had a pinched nerve or pulled muscle in my neck. now i think it's just all of life's stressors lodged there.

- the worst part about young children? constantly changing out the clothes in their closets.

- i love random 4am texts from girlfriends. makes me smile that some time can pass but nothing really changes.

- i feel horrible saying this. i can't wait for this year to be over. we've had tons on our plates. yes, i know we were blessed with healthy baby. that's why i said i feel bad saying it.

- i have retired my flip flop wearing to work. i have to walk through grass to get to the office, well i could walk the long way but that's silly, and it's freaking wet and cold at 730!

-i think i've said it before, but i love cleaning. and i love a clean house. when i'm stressed, i feel so much better when i clean. no. sorry. i think it only works on my own house, so i won't come help you clean.

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