ten on tuesday 10.29.13

- had every intention to blog last night. sat on the couch and passed out. thankfully, miss amelia napped with me. she's a champ!

- spoke with a lady on the phone for a prior authorization, her name was kewpie. i thought that was just a doll. poor lady.

- miss amelia is noticing chewbacca. she's trying so hard to catch him. so funny since she isn't really mobile!

- i have been so slacking that i haven't been keeping tidbits in my phone and that makes this list of ten so much harder.

- love it when you find out that there is a recall on your car when you take it in for an oil change. surprise!

- american horror story: coven. obsessed. and i would like to be reincarnated as a witch. just saying. ;)

- nick has joined in on my candy crush addiction.

- i don't know how people can just drink shakes for their meals. i need to chew to feel full. wait, that's not true. i can eat soup. maybe i need to eat my shakes with a spoon and not a straw?

- new favorite creamer. so good.

- decorated my work pumpkin.... finally. decided on nail art at the last minute. will share tomorrow. but now i'm itching to do a real nail art project. oh jamie... pinterest time! ;)

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Jamie Goins said...

dude....you know how awful my nail art would turn out!!!