ten on tuesday 10.1.13

- whenever my mom cooked chili, when i was younger, i made her pick all of the beans out of mine before i would eat it. now, i'll eat beans. not sure what my deal was back then... now, when i make chili, ben won't eat it because, 'i don't like beans.' i think i'm experiencing bean karma. ;)

- why must britney insist on putting b!tch in all of her songs? seriously. so annoying. you would think a mom of two young boys would think twice about it... says the girl who cusses like a trucker.

- totally digging the tune in app. we used to be able to stream music at work through our computers. since we went to electronic records we can't. have gone through so many music apps. loving this one. maybe it's just because i can listen to wxrt all day now!

- my cat keeps attacking ben's window clings. poor beaners. gets so frustrated when kitty keeps pulling em down!

- had to update to a hella password at work. so hard to concentrate now when i log in! used to be second nature... not anymore!

- can't wait to see don jon with the girls! hoping the schedule allows for it next week.

- miss melie is so darn cute. loving the baby smiles. and she's sleeping for 8-9 hour stretches! working on that stretch being from about 8-5ish!

- last weekend for the drive in. trying to decide if we should go one last time.

- lost in fantasty football this week. wah! and it was to nick! double wah!

- 10,000+ steps on my fitbit today. boom! now only if i can get exercising back in my crazy schedule. last week was bad, hoping now that i've been back at work for almost a month, it'll be easier to get up earlier to squeeze in some time before i start the day. we shall see.

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Carrie said...

I pick out all the beans, and can tell if one sneaks in. Dislike any and all types of beans. And no, I don't like the bean green casserole either, yuck!