wip 713.13

ordered a few things from peapod. slept in a bit after the boys left. for the first time ever, they delivered outside of the delivery window. figures! the one day i have to meet someone... oh well. tis life. 

sat around and decided to tackle coupons. haven't done it in ages.

reviewed my hospital paperwork.

finally got out and met my mom at kohl's as planned
was obsessed with this chappy stand! love eos.

finished a few errands on the way back home. needed some baby necessities: diapers, wipes, desitin.

decided to go to my parent's to enjoy the pool that evening. there was the problem of a missing deck key... couldn't find it anywhere! nick convinced me to climb my 38+ week pregnant self onto the deck. so i did. and we enjoyed the pool.

someone wanted to pee on the tree... why not?

and checking out the hot pool, ben's favorite.

came home and nick had to go to work, again! so it was me and the wee man. we enjoyed some lazy time on the couch. he asked me to take our picture. love it when he does that.

got up to bed and was texting girlfriends and watching tv. finally turned off the tv and tried to go to bed about midnight... but then i noticed some possible contractions. and that's where i'll end it. to be continued on amelia's birth story post! ;)


wip 7.6.13

this one is gonna be a doozy. gonna just start with wednesday and go through the whole holiday weekend. oy.

nick and i both worked. hurried home and headed to uncle john and aunt laura's for the annual fourth of july fireworks.

kids were passing the time by playing with chalk. 

check out that chalk butt!

we tried making glow in the dark bubbles. we failed. pinterest lied this time! ;P

no fear. we had tons of glow in the dark fun stuff: bracelets, necklaces, balls, wands.

firework time!
this cute little boy asked to sit on my lap and join me. it was a tight squeeze but he made it! and i loved snuggling. xo.

only took a few photos. wanted to see how they looked on the new camera.

family photo op. might be the last one we took as a family of three...

once the fireworks were over, the kids... and nick and jas, went back to playing with the glow stick ball. that sucker was a hit. if anyone ever sees some at the store, buy them for me! i'll pay you back!

ben turned to nick and said, 'daddy. put me in the car.' i guess he was ready to go! in his defense, it was a super long day. i kinda agreed with him!

thursday: {fourth of july}
for the first time in forever, we didn't go to nick's mom's. we debated long and hard. i just couldn't do it. no bathrooms! and if something happened {labor-wise} we were pretty far away. so we decided to go to john and bill's. and the kids were so happy to be spending two days in a row together!

nick and jas with beanerman.

fast forward 15 years and maybe ben will be driving sage around!

back in the pool.

nick and mike playing baseball.

ry and john enjoying the smores krispies. seriously, so good. 

mr. ocd, bill, inside sweeping. 

what?! mike and sage!!

that's better. daddy dave is here!

i love smoke bombs.

nick had no clue mike was sneaking up on him with a noodle full of water. luckily, i timed the shot perfectly! 

all the kids got to enjoy snaps. 

then some fun on the neighbor's swing set. 

sparklers. obviously, i didn't think ahead. or my child would not have been in flip flops. oy.

john kept giving ben duds! what are the odds? 

headed across the street to the neighbor's once it got dark. watched the fireworks over their pond/lake and got to see john and nick's firework show. ;)

someone wasn't liking the flash! 

they sat on the blanket for about 30 seconds. then it was running back and forth like crazy kids!

nick's loot.


john and nick's show...

aw, that's better! 

headed home after the show. was a long two days and the boys had to go to work and school in the morning.


let ben sleep in a bit and nick went to work early. then i dropped ben off at school and headed to the hospital for a non stress test. my doc was worried since i wouldn't see her during the week, not that anything was really wrong. 

dropped ben off at the coopers in the evening. yes, i'm a huge over packer. i can't help it. i should go to a 12 step program for it or something!

hanging with his friends. chris was nice enough to offer jaycare when my parents had to back out of our arrangement due to unforeseen circumstances.

headed off to nick's aunt's surprise 50th birthday party.
megan planned it and was super anxious for her arrival.

she was surprised! yay.

shh.. yes, i'm having some sangria.

was nice to visit and have a ben free evening. ended up staying pretty late, so ben just stayed the night with the coopers.

we got up early. nick had to go to work. so we decided to go as a family then head for breakfast and run a few errands.


got home and nick turned around and went back to work. ben and i napped.
after naps, nick met us for abbi and tori's birthday party.

nick didn't stay long. had to go back to work. at least he came to say hello and eat a bit.
ben loved playing with all the kids!

we came home and mr. stinky needed a bath and my feet wanted a soak in the sink!

got up with ben and we watched wimbledon and played with lincoln logs.

when nick got up, we headed outside so he could do some yard work and ben and i could enjoy the sunshine.

headed to trek to buy beans a new big boy bike. they were out of stock, unfortunately, we had to come home empty handed.

i went outside in the evening to check on the tomatoes and this is what i saw as i walked back to the house. so funny.

hooray! they are growing!