ten on tuesday 8.20.13

- saw a garage sale that accepted credit cards. i guess they meant business!

- i cannot be on time for anything since baby girl has joined us. i'm either terribly late or early!

- there was a sign advertising an apartment for rent in front of a complex... apparently, the apartment was rented out because their was a no vacancy sticker on the lawn sign. why they couldn't just remove the sign was beyond me.

-ben asked for sandwich the other day {leftover jimmy johns.} and asked if it could be without the salad. {lettuce.}

- tonight ben asked for a taco for dinner with a salad on it!

- ben, melia, and i walked down to visit braiden and wynnie when bri was babysitting. we talked about the ice cream lady. braiden pointed out that the last lady that sold them ice cream only had three teeth. i said, 'well, maybe she should stop eating so much ice cream and brush her teeth.' the look on braiden's face was priceless!

- time is ticking before i go back to work. set up some dates for my mom to come over doing the day so i can get some stuff done!

- having serious guilt... getting ready to wean myself from pumping. {i've pumped exclusively since amelia was about two weeks old. {she played and fell asleep and it would take me an hour to nurse her. if i pumped and fed her, it only took 35-40 minutes.}

- i'm brain dead. cannot think of 10th point. i need sleep! ;)

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