2 months.

eek. he's so big already. just gonna share lots of pics at the end. and now for the two month reccap...

- weighs 12 pounds 8 ounces and is 22 inches long. {aka is a chubby midget. 70th percentile on weight, 4th for length!}
- is eating lots and lots. 4 ounces every two to five hours. that five hours is rare and mostly at night!
- is starting to get into a bedtime routine.
- still loves his baths. especially when daddy fills the tub too full and he splashes water everywhere.
- continues to nap in his bouncer. thought about moving him upstairs for naps, but think this might be easier on my mom this summer when she babysits. check out the bink hanging out of his mouth while napping... ignore the shadows. ;o)

- is not napping as long as we would like. has a hard time falling back to sleep after he wakes himself up!
- is talking like crazy. one of his favorites is 'ah-goo'
- is a morning baby. that's when he's most smiley. ;o)
- learned how to suck his thumb and loves to have his hands in his mouth.
- is kicking bootay in the head control department. wee man's almost got full control. when he gets sleepy, he tends to head butt!
- has thankles. forget cankles. that boy's legs are chunky.
- loves to go on walks. just looks at everything. and totally enjoys the breeze!
- still fits in 0-3 mo. clothing.
- loves ellie the elephant that the banaszaks gave him! he can watch that thing for hours!
- is a kick monster.... or dances on the floor. whichever you prefer.

and now for the pics...

the comparison photo. he is sooo big! i promise a side by side of the past three of these soon!

mister chillin on the couch.

some random close ups after the photo shoot with mr. panda bear...

making his 'o' face.

and i really liked this one but the lighting sucked. so black and white it is...

mr. happy pants rocking some killer socks he received as a gift. thanks john and laura!

check out those chunksters.

k. enough baby photo overload...


newbie pics.

so i promised a while back that i would share the link and password for benny's first photo shoot. here they are! they are not touched up. if you like a picture, robin can edit them for you! please ignore super unphotogenic shannon. ;o)

user: bevphoto
password: proofs

for family and friends that are interested, robin has it set up so you can purchase directly from the site. however, if you want something custom or have questions let me know i can give you that info. also, you don't have to do the shipping option. she can get them to me, and then i'll get them to you!

an example of her awesome custom jobs...

this super cool collage was a gift for grandmas and great grandmas this mother's day. for you out of towners, robin can also do custom things for you and ship em! she's awesome. if you're interested, again let me know!! she also does photo restoration and all kinds of other cool stuff. ;o) like my kick butt announcements...

2 month photos coming soon!


benny pics.

i figure lots of my family is here for baby pics and i have been slacking. so for your viewing pleasure...

naked baby chilling on his changing table. his eyes are still blue. they just look brown. and i love his crazy baby fly away hair!

a comparison shot of him on the table. i think there was one earlier. i don't remember!!

a smile when he was sleeping. so sweet.

happy baby to meltdown baby in a matter of seconds...

his new 'thing' is to grab onto our fingers when we're feeding him. too cute.

he also likes to fall asleep while being burped. oh and he's quite the drool monster as of late. ignore nick's face. just showed the drool so much better. ;o)


kevin graduated!

my lil bro is an official college grad. so cool. makes me feel that much older though!

went to the ceremony. nick stayed home and babysat. surprisingly, the ceremony only took about two hours. and the lame part... they were not allowed to shake hands when they got their diplomas. only 'fist bumps' or a tilt of the graduation hat. why? freaking swine flu. how stupid!
so it was a joke all evening. uncle kevin and ben even bumped fists...

yeah, i know. ben's thrilled! ;o)

picture of wee man and his momma before i left for the ceremony. nick dressed him in the cutest outfit {courtesy of his mom when ben was born}. the little ears on the hoodie are the best part. but i love me some hoodies.

random sleeping baby picture.

he's fighting naps more and more. apparently, my husband wasn't a fan of sleep. so i blame him. it could be worse. at least because he's up more during the day, he is sleeping better at night. he's at about 4-5 hours for the first part and then 3-4 for the second. his night time schedule is feeding and to bed around 8. he then gets up between 12-1. and then again around 4-5. he goes back down and i wake him up when nick gets up... so he's doing pretty good. have his 2 month check up next friday. will do a big boy post on sunday his actual 2 mo. birthday... just might have to go back and add his stats!


mac love.

just keeps growing.
nick and i are the proud new owners of these!

he had been counting down the months and days until we were eligible for upgrades.
they are super cool. lots to learn, lots of fun apps to browse through. and it is just so cute!


dear iphoto,

i love you.
i have no idea why i waited so darn long before i gave you a chance.
i'm sorry. you have won me over. i will never go back. okay, just to back up some pics... but editing and posting will always be from your services.
thank you for making my life that much easier. ;o)

i am now a true mac convert. my next step is to figure out photoshop on a mac. iphoto is awesome. the editing is uber easy as well as the uploading. and it even lets you share with facebook with one click of the mouse. how easy is that?
the only thing i have to figure out with postings is uploading multiple pics to blogger {here} at different times. i feel a bit blonde when it comes to that!

if anyone out there is considering a mac... do it!

fun photo post soon!!



dudes. what is up with that episode?!

spoiler alert...

i so didn't see the george twist coming. the izzy one i kinda had a feeling. especially when they kept making a big deal of her creatinine and dnr status. and i totally called owen being at his mom's. nick on the other hand knew exactly what cristina was going to do. he told me seconds before she did it... he's good.
love lexi and mark. they are just too cute. and i thought bailey rocked in this episode. her excitement with davinci and the light sabre noises. then the sadness of tucker's ultimatum. and i'm diggin arizona's character more and more. the line, 'i grew up with the name arizona. i know how to fight on the playground.' awesome! and i can totally relate to her crying when she's mad. i'm an easy crier and it frustrates me. sometimes i'll even warn someone when it's coming...
anywho. such a good episode. anxiously awaiting september... i cannot imagine both of them being killed in one episode. oy!!

oh and i'm anxiously awaiting the update here.


my boyfriend.

hosted snl this past weekend. totally had to tivo it. staying up past 1030 is a feat since mr. ben's arrival.
finally got a chance to watch it. hilarious. so did not let me down. nick and i laughed multiple times at every skit. love that he doesn't take himself too seriously.
if you missed him and his awesomeness. check him out here...

and one of our favorites. a follow up to the classic tix in a box. ;o)


nuturing kitty?

so mr. ben is chilling on the floor. and i decide it's time to do some dishes... really quickly.
next thing i know. mister is having a meltdown. picks the randomist times for them. could be smiley, happy baby and then bam, inconsolable sobs.

well, i'm elbow deep in soapy water trying to get his next bottle ready, so he's gonna have to wait a minute. i finish up, walk over to the family room and see nibbles next to him. which is strange, since she hates loud noises. but as i get closer, i notice that she is batting his head. gently. i can't figure out if she was trying to console him or get him to shut up! maybe she thought he was a giant mouse or something...

so wanted to grab the video camera but felt bad for wee man. maybe next time! ;o)


first mother's day.

for someone who never really thought about being a mom, i guess that's quite a biggie!
had weekend long festivities.

saturday i celebrated with my family after attending a bridal shower for a coworker. had a nice time visiting with the family. was exhausted by the end of the day though. that's a lot of activity for someone who has sat on her ass at home for the past six weeks!

here's a picture of me and my wee man. ignore the ginormous shirt and sagging neck line. didn't realize what size it was. had it in the wrong section of the closet. just knew i wanted mr. ben in his giraffe outfit from his great auntie lois. ;o)

picture of the ladies and wee man. my aunt, grandma, me, ben, and my mom...

and then all the boys. dad, nick, wee man, and uncle kevin.

sunday was another busy day. thankfully, nick let me sleep in a bit. was nice. but i think he would do that any day... didn't have to be mom's day. ;o)
after sleeping in we celebrated with his mom's side. drove out to ogden dunes. traffic sucked. took us an hour to go like 8 miles. then we got stuck in traffic on 94. yuck. were an hour late.
so stunk because we had a wake to attend before 5. nick ate the first pasta salad he has liked, ever! had to get the recipe from his nana. and his mom made some tasty tacos.
made it to the wake on time. had to haul butt home. mister was going to break down. it had been like 4+ hours since he had eaten. was proud of him for not having a meltdown at the wake! would have been so embarassed.
came home and had dinner with his dad, michelle, and bri. they watched space chimps. i passed out. hear the movie wasn't very good. so i didn't miss much.
no pics from these festivities. nick snapped some but none of the whole family...

oh. almost forgot my gifts. got these beauties from the bean. hoping the lilies open up soon! the irises are gorgeous.

and the hubs. he's going to upgrade my diamond earings. yay! such a sweetie.
overall, had a pretty great weekend. ;o)


big boy bed.

he's so grown up. ;o)
spent last night in his crib. he did awesome. so did we!
went to bed late. way late. nick was up playing video games and i crashed on the couch. by the time we went upstairs it was after 1am. by the time ben was fed and changed it was nearly 2. thought it might be a good time to try him out in the crib since it was a short night. he did well.
we put the monitor on.. to nick's dismay. we can hear him, he said. yeah, right. i've slept through my alarm multiple times for over thirty minutes since bean was born. i would like a monitor please. he fidgeted a bit. but calmed himself down and went to sleep. woke up for his feeding around 5. again, he made some noises but ultimately calmed himself and went back to bed.
mom and dad slept well too! now i just have to get the cosleeper moved from my side of the bed and our bedroom will be back to normal!
benny bean was passed out when we got up this morning. was able to putz a bit downstairs before he got up. so nice. here's a a pic of sleeping mister...

totally makes his head look even bigger! and if the picture size is different, my apologies. i'm posting for the first time from the mac with pictures. trying to work out the kinks and figure out the photos...



i knew when i got pregnant that once bean arrived, i would never sleep the same again. and i love me some sleep...
heck, i didn't sleep the same once i was pregnant. i think i forgot what 'normal' sleep felt like!
what i didn't realize was that i would only be able to sleep on my back once baby arrived. why? because they recommend not sleeping on your sides to prevent clogged ducts. i've experienced them and don't want to again. so i'm trying to avoid sleeping on my sides at all costs. yes, i do migrate that way in the middle of the night. but i don't start out that way.
then there's the sleeping on the stomach issue. i cannot tell you how much i was looking forward to this post delivery. ha. sore boobs do not allow for this position. bummer.
oh and sleeping for more than 3 hours at a time would be fantastic. these short spurts just seem like i'm napping twice at night. have to thank the hubby for allowing me a three hour nap yesterday. {during the day!}
i know one day i'll get a good night's sleep. hoping i never take one of those for granted again!

oh and i know you come here for baby pictures... trying to get you cute baby video. one way or the other... they're coming. someday! ;o)