newbie pics.

so i promised a while back that i would share the link and password for benny's first photo shoot. here they are! they are not touched up. if you like a picture, robin can edit them for you! please ignore super unphotogenic shannon. ;o)

user: bevphoto
password: proofs

for family and friends that are interested, robin has it set up so you can purchase directly from the site. however, if you want something custom or have questions let me know i can give you that info. also, you don't have to do the shipping option. she can get them to me, and then i'll get them to you!

an example of her awesome custom jobs...

this super cool collage was a gift for grandmas and great grandmas this mother's day. for you out of towners, robin can also do custom things for you and ship em! she's awesome. if you're interested, again let me know!! she also does photo restoration and all kinds of other cool stuff. ;o) like my kick butt announcements...

2 month photos coming soon!


psucolleen said...

aww!! so cute! And believe it or not... I have a favorite out of all of them... #495. LOVE. THAT. PHOTO. :)

And I also love pictures of little teeny baby feet so those all made me smile.

Carrie said...

Such great photos, how do you pick?!? The collage one is great.
And I agree with Colleen about #495, but #496 is a very close second. Love the way Nick is looking at you.

Thanks for sharing!