ten on tuesday. 5.31.11

- is it really almost june!?
- had a great memorial day weekend... busy. but great. and beaner was a complete champ for all of it!
- hangover 2 is hysterical. would highly recommend it.
- i fell asleep at the drive in this weekend, so i can't tell you about pirates 4!
- cannot wait to thumb through this cook book. i had been on a buying hiatus, but i was told this was a must have!
- i think that the momma bunny has eaten all of my brocolli. ;(
- my lilacs have bloomed. sigh. they smell amazing. i even brought some to work for everyone to enjoy!
- ben is in love with his sandals. he asks us to put them on regularly. like first thing in the morning while he's still in pjs. too bad they sent the wrong size... but yay for awesome customer service from zappos.
- i'm enjoying my new work shoes. hit up the new balance store last week.. and my feet are so much happier! {i read somewhere you are to write the date you got the shoes on the tongue in permanent marker... now i'll remember when it's time for a new pair!}
- really must catch up on glee this week... the concert is friday!! um, yes we are gleeks. totally blame nick that we're going. i didn't care one way or another. hope it is fun.


wip 5.14.11

gosh, this was not even two weeks ago and i can hardly remember what we did. sad.

i went to work. the three of us took a trip to target. and it was pressner family night.

i think the highlight of the day was ben eating whip cream courtesy of gibi and jerbear. ;)

miss gabby's second birthday party.
we chilled for most of the day. and then headed out.
i think this entire post is going to be food related. the only pictures worth sharing are ben enjoying his frosting...

not sure what we did in the evening. maybe a movie. maybe i can't remember. actually, i think nick might have gone to bed at like 8! but i could be wrong. my memory sucks right now. might need to start taking notes on my phone...

was supposed to get up and get some gardening done. but the weather was awful. so we grabbed breakfast and still went shopping for plants. i just didn't get to plant them.
ben loved the fishies in the aquarium at the restaurant. makes me almost want to get him a fish. almost.

then it was just a lazy day, inside enjoying each other's companies! ;-)


bean's park

holy cow.
that was one big project.
so thankful that my hubs was so wonderful in doing all of the hard work. and to my father-in-law for helping him with installation once it finally arrived.

here's the before.

and then the during:
nick ripped up all the sod...

and here's the sod. about 600-700 sq. feet of it.

and the crazy people who tried to fit it all in a little uhaul...

then nick found some time to put down the weed mat. no pictures of that actually in process.

and the boys surveying the land once the playground arrived.


ben supervising. ;)

the roof was tricky...

from a different perspective.

and while all of that was going on in the backyard, this is what the driveway looked like. 3 giant bags of rubber mulch. 6 tons in all!

this one just makes me smile!

almost done. ben just couldn't wait. he loves those swings.

and some swing time with daddio.


same day...  new outfit. we are now ready for company and the boys are trying so hard to finish!
ben's first time taking the stairs to ride the slide.

i think he's excited!

 um, can i really go down the slide?!


beans and momma.

thought he should go down in a different position. 

and the finished product!

the swingset was delivered wednesday afternoon. it was mostly finished by saturday afternoon. the boys worked on it wednesday and thursday evening for about 4 hours each night. and friday evening until saturday morning. they were out there until 2 am! work resumed a little after 10 and were done by 4.

a long few days. but ben enjoys it more than we could have imagined. every day he asks to go outside to play on it!

and for those of you who made it through this whole post... thanks! ;-)


wordless wednesday 5.25.11 'ben's park'

at least that's what ben likes to call it. =)


ten on tuesday. 5.24.2011

- my boyfriend was on saturday night live this weekend. he was awesome!
- i love having coolers around my house because our fridge is not working properly. thankfully, it's not like we need a whole new fridge and we didn't have any food casualties!
- got a new point and shoot. debating on whether or not to keep it...
- am beyond addicted to pinterest. seriously. it's crack. don't do it!
- finally planted my garden! broccoli, corn, zucchini, cucumbers, red peppers, canteloupe, scallions, carrots, jalapenos, habeneros, tomatoes, spinach. {i hope i'm not forgetting anything.} oh and our spices: dill, cilantro, and basil.
- have date night to see hangover two this weekend! looking forward to a night of laughter with friends. you can never have too many of those, right?
- excited for ben's new set of keen's to arrive in the mail. i <3 zappos! and i found a pair i love for fall...
- ben has been squeezing all of the juice out of his orange wedge before he'll eat them. weird.
- thoroughly enjoyed the friend bbq potluck we hosted this weekend. i love summer and hope to have many, many more this summer!
- these are so comfy. got them in a fun plum color that isn't listed on their website.


april 2011 shuttercal.

every month i love this project more and more.
here's april...


wip 5.7.11

took beaner to school so i could get some housework done. such a guilty pleasure to clean in peace... so strange! was also able to run a few errands and go grocery shopping. totally cut down on my shopping time. so nice!
picked ben up from school just in time for him to see the guys come and turn on the sprinklers. {it was pajama day, ignore the outfit!} he loved watching the guys turn on all of the heads and kept wanting to follow them around.

then it was time to learn how to sew!
i have had this kick ass sewing machine for years. {thanks grandma} and i have been so afraid to use it. was just so overwhelming. when i had my purse party one of my girlfriends mentioned that she wanted to learn how to use her machine and another one volunteered. score!

ben was totally interested in learning too!

was a fun night. we sewed and laughed and had a great time. looking forward to the next one! hoping that maybe we'll actually start on some projects.

mom's day with my side of the family.
but first nick ran a few errands with ben. one of their stops was coldstone and ben got to enjoy a cotton candy scoop courtesy of nick. he loved it.

then it was family time.
we just sat around and watched the derby. who knew that a 2 minute race had a 3 hour preshow. insanity! and my horse lost. boo! i was hoping for 'pants on fire' because with the initials sp and a nickname of smarty pants, how could i not?

this picture makes me smile.

ben decided his nose was a good place for a bow. okay, maybe i encouraged him just a bit!

i love grandma's new hat. ignore the light bulb coming out of her head... bad photographer....

with my mom. <3

 with my wee man. xo!

 his face in this one is hilarious. like, really mom? i love it.

mother's day. my third. which is totally unbelievable to me. like mind boggling. i do not feel like i've been a mom for three years. sigh.

i slept in. it's my usual day since nick and i split the weekends. when i got up the boys made me breakfast. {i asked for reheated dinner from the night before. i'm easy!} and we had a nice relaxing day just chilling.

then nick's mom's side came over to celebrate.
the kids had a blast outside.

mr. noah.

megan and noah.


so happy.


miss gabby.

love that noah photo bombed our selfie. 

ben and aunt michelle.