ten on tuesday. 5.31.11

- is it really almost june!?
- had a great memorial day weekend... busy. but great. and beaner was a complete champ for all of it!
- hangover 2 is hysterical. would highly recommend it.
- i fell asleep at the drive in this weekend, so i can't tell you about pirates 4!
- cannot wait to thumb through this cook book. i had been on a buying hiatus, but i was told this was a must have!
- i think that the momma bunny has eaten all of my brocolli. ;(
- my lilacs have bloomed. sigh. they smell amazing. i even brought some to work for everyone to enjoy!
- ben is in love with his sandals. he asks us to put them on regularly. like first thing in the morning while he's still in pjs. too bad they sent the wrong size... but yay for awesome customer service from zappos.
- i'm enjoying my new work shoes. hit up the new balance store last week.. and my feet are so much happier! {i read somewhere you are to write the date you got the shoes on the tongue in permanent marker... now i'll remember when it's time for a new pair!}
- really must catch up on glee this week... the concert is friday!! um, yes we are gleeks. totally blame nick that we're going. i didn't care one way or another. hope it is fun.

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