august pinterest party: balloon wreaths!

we skipped august. i was kinda sad about it, but it totally worked out in the end because i probably wouldn't have been able to go on the day we had scheduled.

we just carried over july's project to august. balloon wreaths.
i didn't buy the craft wreath or straw wreath. saw this idea to use foam. had nick stop at the home improvement store and pick up some up.  the stuff he bought was a bit thin, so we just put two together. viola. wreath for $2! and we could make it to whatever size we wanted. ;)

here we go!

my type a self had a bit of a problem just putting this balloons on there all willy nilly. i finally got over my fear and just started pinning away!

work in progress. we didn't have enough balloons to cover the back of the wreaths. {we had 1000 balloons for the four of us. just in case you're interested in making your own.} i think i might buy some more balloons and fill in the sides and middle a bit more. depends on what it looks like when it's hanging on the door! might hang better with the back being flat?

jamie bought some dirty looking balloons.

had a ton of pink and red left over. we tried using them as much as we could. and there were like 10 purple ones in the entire lot of balloons. maybe jamie's phillipino balloon supplier has something against purple?

the final project.

if you make these, maybe wrap the foam wreath entirely in duct tape. seemed to help when we were pinning and then it prevented the foam from twisting.

happy crafting. ;)


wip 8.18.12

girl's night out with nick's mom and family. was surprised at how many people were at our usually party of four, girl's night.

only have pictures of my food.
my favorite was the appetizer. a tapenade is a surefire way to this salty lover's heart. 

beef brisket and orzo. 

creme brulee. 

called it a night early. came home to hang out with nick. it's hard being apart since we spent every minute together for a week! taking some getting used too.

nick had mentioned going to the renaissance faire.  we hadn't been since college? and the weather seemed like it would be perfect to spend the day outside walking about. so we did it.

someone was crabby. he just woke up from his nap. so happy that he slept all the way there though! i'll take a grumpy pic for a happy kid!

watched the mud show. i don't believe much has changed since the last time we saw it. ben enjoyed it. until he thought he was going to get muddy!

where's ben? couldn't believe he wanted to venture up there and give them his $1. would have thought he would have waited for the guy to come to him. but again, maybe he was worried about the mud!

he wanted to ride rides. i was a bit disappointed with the fact that every ride you had to pay extra. i think the website states that some are extra. oh well.

i got to do swing duty with beaner.

time for mushrooms. so good. ben was totally interested in their 'forks' aka a stick. however, he isn't a fan of mushrooms, so he wanted to feed me instead of eating them himself. totally thought we might be able to get him to eat a few with the special fork. he did try one,  i'll give him that.

he preferred the bread.

his facial expressions crack me up. makes me super happy when i catch them on camera!

they had a small castle for the kids to play on. ben really got a kick out of it. we actually found ourselves there more than once!

i love their pickles! tried both dill and garlic. i think i liked the garlic more which kind of surprised me...

a fun little play area with boats for the littles.

got to see a parade. ben enjoyed everyone waving at him. he was a bit confused as to why they kept saying 'huzah' and 'god save the queen.'

someone wanted a sword. found a ben size one! and a cute little holder too. and double yay for not breaking the bank.

he likes it. <3

ben also wanted to go and see the animals. they had a small petting zoo.
he was unafraid. loved feeding all of the different animals. until some of those billy goats got a little pushy. {ugh, i'm still not a fan. have i shared here? oh well, another day...}

nick enjoyed himself as well!

ben's least favorite was the cow. i think it was because the cow had just finished drinking some water so it was an extra sloppy feeding! :)

once we were done and clean ben asked for some drink. he didn't want sprite or water or juice. wanted some more sassafras! who knew?! and momma was happy because it's only a $1!

i love the performers. while we were sitting here, there were two ladies playing dice to win the men that were walking by. totally had nick and i cracking up.

enjoying some frozen something or another in an orange.

sky chairs! we own one. so sad that we have no where to hang it. some day....

the funniest picture of the day. we tried to get a few. this one just makes me laugh. he had to show us the sword!

on the way out, there was a little area for excavating. the kids got to dig and find all kinds of hidden treasures. at the end, they could keep one.

ben didn't spend as much time there as we had expected. he didn't surprise us when he opted to take the necklace that he dug up!

daddy found some swords that he wanted to have! they're foam.

we did purchase two. of the smaller size. had to get two so the boys could duel.

pony ride! accessorized with a fabulous pearl necklace.

a better family photo. i think ben was in fighting mode.

and to blow off some steam before we headed back home, ben and nick had a face off in the grass just outside of the grounds. i'm sure the people passing by got a kick out of the boy in a necklace and his dad sparring.

action shot.

somebody died.

has to be awoken with a kiss.

all better!

nick and i had stopped for breakfast on the way up. were able to use our old containers to put some snackies aka cheez-its in for beanerman on the way home.

he didn't eat very many before he passed out.

got home after running a few errands and had movie night with some family. the sitter. it was okay. was a miracle that i stayed awake for the whole thing! i think nick's dad even commented that it might have been the first one i haven't fell asleep during. but actually, i think it was my second!

up and at em early. nick had some work to do so we joined him. was hoping we could hit up the scrambled diner, no such luck! too long of a wait and we were hungry bears.

stopped at another local restaurant. ben didn't forget that he enjoys creamer. i totally remember my little brother drinking all of the containers when we would go out!

naps for all!
then birthday party!

the boys thought it was a good idea to chop wet wood. barefoot. thankfully, no one lost a toe or foot!

watching to see who will have the first injury.

wait! daddy play with me and my swords!

birthday cake!

ben wanted to help blow out the candles. the birthday people obliged.

was a bit chilly. but the coopers came over and they braved the waters. i did not.

they were supposed to jump together...

i do not see anyone hiding under the pool float. do you?

then it was time for water gun wars.

a quick warm up in the hot pool.

the kids playing on grandpa's chair. iphoto didn't want me to edit their red eyes, so they will all just look evil. sorry!

yup. he's a meyer. love that liquor is such a common theme for our birthdays. ;)

yay birthdays and spending time with family. and friends.