ten on tuesday 8.14.12

-ben has a tendency to add 'ie/y' to the end of his words. a common example: 'i'm coldy.' he also asks for chippies. and asks if we'll rub his backy!

- push pops sucks. ben is always a sticky mess after eating one. they just cannot stay attached to the darn holder!

- changed my radio presets. takes a lot for that to happen. loving the new station 101.1. ;)

- had a random thought about nick's volleyball shoes in the shower monday morning. random. i know. whatever. i'm weird. it was something along the lines of him not purchasing new indoor shoes even though he has been playing regularly throughout the summer and  'desperately' needed a pair towards the end of last season. any who. had to literally laugh out loud when i saw an email confirmation from zappos regarding my men's indoor volleyball shoe purchase. apparently, we're on the same wave length!

- picked up a journal for my random thoughts. let's see if i'll use it or if it will sit in the bottom of my purse.

-pinterest party this week. woot!

- ben got a permission slip for a field trip sent home from daycare... i'm not ready!

- i really dislike when people don't listen. {i'm trying to use hate less. does it make me seem a bit more positive?}

- the sunset tonight was so pretty. was making dinner and i noticed the bright pink/red on the house behind me. had to run out and try to catch it.

- feel like i have no idea what to watch in the evening now that the olympics are over! not that we are big tv watchers... but i miss them!

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