ten on tuesday 8.7.12

- had sportscenter on yesterday. john anderson was on, and ben said, 'oh we're gonna watch boom?' so crazy that he immediately recognized him!

- my feet were not happy wearing shoes again. they missed white sand beaches and flips. and truthfully, so did/do i!

- being away from technology for a week makes me want to set some limits on my usage. just have to figure out what i want them to be...

- maybe this should be posted in our vacation recap, but it's a pretty major achievement. my luggage weighed less than nick's! both on the way there and the way back. woot woot! anyone who knows me or has traveled with me, will know that this is no easy feat. ;) {thanks mom for the super light, kick ass luggage!}

- i love my friends. had a blast at the wedding before we left. i miss them and wish they didn't live all over the country but am so happy to know that things don't change between us after long periods of seeing one another.

- i didn't realize how much i missed playing sand volleyball until we started watching the olympics.

- am sad that all my preset posts are gone... time to get writing!

- finally downloaded the fun. album. :)

- forgot my breakfast in the microwave yesterday. guess i'm still on vacation and not used to having to cook my own food!

- think that there might be a regular guest blogger in the future. ;) so excited to have someone else's perspective on here. love that he approached me about it. my hubby is pretty dreamy. xo!

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Nick said...

Well I'm glad to hear that you miss sand volleyball. But somebody didn't want to play in Mexico and somebody also doesn't want to play every week with the rest of us. Interesting...