wip 7.28.12

no pics. i have some, but i know it's gonna be a picture heavy post without them, so none for today.
went and got a pedicure. nick had bought be a gift certificate for one almost two years ago! totally not impressed with the polish job. the paint was streaky and it ended up chipping like 4 days in. sucks. will not be going back there....

then i ran errands: bed bath and beyond, stracks, the library, target. had lots of odds and ends to take care of before the weekend. managed to get them all done relatively quickly and was still able to come home and find time to clean. seriously, a clean house just makes me happy.

the three of us were able to enjoy some downtime. then nick was off to his fantasy football draft. the boys were nice enough to schedule it as late as possible so he could spend some time with beaner. ;)


we were up and at em bright and early. nick got called out to work, so ben and i took a library field trip.

then we had to hurry up and get ready to go to a wedding. i love weddings! the love, the friends, the dancing. love it!

i'm going to preface all this pictures by saying that this will be dubbed the 'photobomb' wedding. seriously, those coopers are ridiculous!

big tom and the bride. shannon looked so pretty.

mr. and mrs. and i love the bubbles. totally reminds me of our wedding. ;)

and only yogert could lock his keys in the car. yay for off duty valpo cops and their mom for being excellent criminals. ha.

we had some time to kill between the ceremony and the reception. almost four hours. so we headed off to get some grub.

then we headed to nick's mom's.  yay that she lived so close.

reception time!
shan had the cutest invitations. they were passports. so she had a whole travel theme. so cute!

see those dirty martini's? those mean we were in for a fun evening! :)

i love him.

luggage cake. our cake lady made it too. however, i didn't eat a piece. not sure how that happens? maybe because we were dancing fools. or playing in the photo booth. or getting our caricature done.  and i'm kinda sad about it, because donna makes a killer cake!

i need to scan ours, along with the photo strips. it's terrible! not the photo strips. those are awesome. and the guy who did the caricature was uber creepy. totally freaked me out every time he asked me to look at him! love doug, frank's, and yog's.

some serious man love. 

damn photobomber!

again, man love. get used to it. there was a lot of it. it could be the photo-bomb/man love wedding.

silly yog.

they are ridic.

ignore yog's creepy eyes. iphoto got a little carried away. and i'm not going back after editing all those photos. promise, he's not really that creepy!

group hug.

i think robin is the ultimate bomber. 

love that she's making ry bomb with her. 

nothing gets us on a dance floor like mr. jones by the county crows. makes me think of these guys every time. xo. 

shannon x2!

with the pretty bride.

silly frank. i think he might have been drunk for days after this wedding.

my love.

silly picture.

it's always interesting when people are wearing the chair ties.

a non photobombing robin picture!

lovely ladies.

i look way taller than chris?!

man love. nick's moved on to yog now.

a boy group hug.

normally, i try to not post pics that do not include nick or myself. but i just can't help it. these make me smile!

dancing fools.

group shot. i cannot believe how color coordinated everyone was!

apparently, i was in a selfy mood. there's lots more coming!


told you.

more man love. i guess it's just because tom is so dreamy. ;)

more shannon is really good at taking photos of her with another person!

i love our friends. 


because there weren't enough of us already. ;)

trying to be romantic-al with my hubby and being attacked by those silly coopers.

so happy yogert has moved closer. but boo that we didn't make it to seattle before he came back to the midwest.

poor christy getting blocked out by ginormo tom. awesome.

frank crashing what could have been a lovely brother sister photo op.

oh no. the boys have a tie off and are being silly.

i'm beyond embarrassed. oh well. thank goodness we were the only ones left considering it was almost 1 am now!

such a fun night.
thanks for putting up with all my silly pictures.

we actually drove back to their hotel and almost stayed there for a bit. even debated headed out to nick's mom's beach since we were so darn close. but we didn't. came home at about 230!

up early again. i have no clue what we did.  oh wait. my mom came over and nick and i went out to the mall to run some errands. made it a bit easier on us to just get in and out and got ben in the spirit for having grandma take care of him for the next week. we got home early afternoon and just spent the time chilling with beans.

was a late night! had to get backing. early limo ride in the morning...

busy, fun filled weekend. when is the next wedding? :)

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Kelly Birrell said...

Your arm looks 10 ft long in some of those pics! lol!