wip 7.21.12


up and at em bright and early.
nick left for his rafting trip.

um, that's only his stuff. gotta fit five more people's stuff in there too! {they made it. luckily we bought that roof kit for our last rafting adventure!}

after i dropped ben off at daycare, i went on a cleaning spree. i had been lazy and i guess i had a bunch of energy. a clean home makes me very happy! ;)

stopped at the library.
wtf? i'm sorry. these shoes do not fit you. and you should have seen the rest of her outfit. ugh. ridiculous.

cute little note from the bank teller.

what? i had no clue!
bought a bottle. couldn't help it. ;)

it was pirate week at ben's school. he finally let them put some make up on his face. i couldn't get him to leave the eye patch on for the picture...

made some bath tub 'paints' for him to play with. thank you pinterest! 

he loved em. has asked every day if we could take them into the bath tub again. ;) {i had no problem with staining. but i have no grout. my hands were stained for a while from mixing, but ben came out clean as a whistle!}

he was a fan of washing off the walls too!{you think he's gonna be mad in a few years when he realizes his momma plastered his cute little behind all over the internet?}

then he wanted to paint himself.

chewy was curious.

he told me he was the hulk. ;)

i guess all that playing in the bath tub was hard work. he ate three bowls of cereal. a container of goldfish and some of my pizza for dinner! 

once he was in bed, i tackled my first ever load of laundry! and i survived. so did the laundry. seriously, the hardest part is sorting. and don't you love that i made nick type me up directions before he could leave?!?  it is now safely hanging on the side of our washing machine for future reference!

wanted to take ben to get a new pair of shoes. stopped and ran a few errands along the way.

had an early lunch at burger king. 

nest stop... big and little for shoes!

he picked em out. pointed to them immediately and said, 'i want those ones.' they fit, so i obliged. it's only crazy orange, no biggie!

stopped back at albert's to get my rings. the police officer pointed out to ben that he was on tv. oy, let the hamming it up begin!

got this text from nick. a shot of the ropes course. whatever that means!

ben was waiting patiently for me to open the door. i gave him my phone in the car because i was hoping that would keep him awake and i could get him to nap when we got home!

my first load of laundry! ;)

we passed out. then ben came into my room and slept for about another hour!

chewy thinks he should wake up.

then it was pool time.
someone couldn't wait for momma to get in...

so grandma was helping him around the pool with the noodle. that's what they are for, right?

we invited christy and the girls to join us.
ben patiently waiting for his friends so they can all jump together.

here they are!

oops. braiden missed the count!

and this one too!

time for rockets. ben is still obsessed. ;)
ben showed the girls how to do it.

hot dog break!

and then my mom took them out to the garden.
wynn loved her cucumber.

and ben with his tomato and cucumber. and no that isn't a giant tomato behind ben. it's a ball.

headed home and turned in! even i was in bed early. {there goes trying to get a bunch of stuff done when nick was gone!}

ben kept asking to go to the park. it's a simple enough request...

silly boy.

love the big trees at this park. i think i maybe have a picture of this same tree. from like two years ago.

ben was tired of the park. so we went exploring. tried to listen to all of the sounds. look at pretty flowers. it was so quiet. we were there early and had the area all to ourselves.

look momma, i found sticks!

then ben asked to go to another park. thank goodness we have two really close to our house.

it was so humid that he was ready to go home soon after we got there.
he took a nap and i putzed around the house.

after nap time, he asked to go see the tractors. there is a new subdivision going up by our house and there are about 7 there daily.

ben asked to ride 'his' {thank you brandee} dora bike there. i wasn't so sure. it's kinda far and he still can't reach those darn pedals. but he insisted. so we went.

we made it! he pointed to all of the different ones.

then we picked flowers.

time to say good bye!

feeding the monster. had to keep it alive. my brother and i always had to throw a rock or something into a sewer when we walked by. {thanks mom} so the tradition continues.

ben loved waving to all the cars that drove by.

'i think this one is sleeping momma.'

he almost made it back. had about four houses to go. he said his legs hurt and that he would rather walk. so he did and i carried the darn bike! truthfully, he did way better than i thought he would. ;D

tonight's fun bath time adventure. colored ice cubes. another pinterest idea.

he wasn't so enamored by them. he did play with them... maybe he's just a bit too old. needed something a little more stimulating?

i had been saving egg cartons. knew there had to be something educational/crafty to do with them. finally decided to randomly write numbers/letters in the bottom and he had to place the corresponding wooden number/letter into that bin.

total hit.
loved that i gave him a few jelly beans here and there too!
{that's what the dump truck was for in the following pictures...}

nice, lazy, fun weekend with my lil man. my favorite part? when we put in a movie, mulan of course, and he asked to snuggle with me on the couch. xo. ;)

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