bye bye cuteness.

a few weeks ago, i noticed a purse that one of my patients was carrying. i was intrigued by all of the pockets and zippers. it looked like it would hold a lot and not be crazy bulky.

unfortunately, my patient had no clue where she got her purse from and wasn't very forthcoming with any info about her purse. ;( said she got it as a gift. thankfully, my eagle eye spied a tag on the bag, so i let my fingers do the walking and found it!

but then i didn't want to give up my super cute purse... i had gotten a ton of compliments, but it just wasn't working for me. i tended to not be able to find things. i wished i had gotten one with a pocket on the side for drinks. it got super dirty. who knew with white and yellow, right?

i thought the new one would be perfect for travel and every day. it was small enough that i could still carry it easily if i had ben and his backpack with me. and for the price, i thought why not?

i bought it and couldn't be happier. everything has a place. it stays clean. and i got it in red so nick didn't feel super girly carrying it for me!

disclaimer: i didn't buy from the website i linked too.  i used amazon. shocker, right?

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Trisha said...

I bought the sunset color one last September for our Disney trip. I love it.