how to train your dragon.

had a friend ask if we wanted to join him and his nephew to see how to train your dragon live. of course, we did!

our schedule was beyond hectic {we ended up going thursday the 26.} i'm so glad that we made it a priority to go. i was worried that ben would fall asleep during the show... considering his track record with movies during the day, i didn't think we had a chance. but he made it! and loved it!

i only took three pictures. so i'm gonna share all of them! ;)

i gave ben a treat of some mini m&m's and they totally melted in his hand!

after intermission, the boys enjoyed their purchases. ahem, their grown ups purchasing items for them!

ben chose a toothless dragon and raymond got some cool light up horns. 

since mike doesn't believe in pictures, you are just going to have to believe me that he was with us.

the family self portrait.

was a fun evening. glad we were able to carpool. would recommend it to anyone. the dragons were amazing. some of it was a bit cheesy, but the kids loved it and that is all that matters, right? oh and nick too! :)

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