ten things...

i'm good at. really? i have to think of ten things? i'm not sure i'm good at that many things. maybe it's that self-doubt. stupid insecurities. i shall try. thanks a lot rystn!

1. double solitaire, soduku. i'm lumping some games together. dont' want to cheat.
2. scrapbooking. maybe sorta, i hope...
3. cooking in a crockpot. not that i make the recipes up. but i do not have the patience to actually cook real food!
4. putting names with faces. have an awesome memory for stuff like that.
5. procrastinating. not that i'm proud... but sure am good at it!
6. my job. another i hope so.
7. being lazy. i just cannot make myself exercise. volleyball does not constitute exercise. but i can be good at that... sand volleyball.
8. multi-tasking. yes, i can chew gum, talk on the phone, and walk all at the same time... are ya proud!?
9. making people laugh. gotta love witty sarcasm.
10. tetris. that game rocks and i'm so a puzzle person. sorry about the link. couldn't find the real deal. and in the same video game note... dr. mario. seriously, nintendo invents the BEST puzzle games. love pokemon puzzle too. i'll shut up now... yeah, i'm a dork. guess i cheated. but video games are different, right?

so tag to everyone.

oh and on a side note. i'm in love with the new muppet. she is the freaking cutest thing ever. you can bet whatever toy she has at christmas will be on my list. abby cadabby.

oh and vegas update. it's coming i promise, just had to meet some deadlines with schtuff...


i will not take for granted...

~being able to breathe thru both nostrils. mouth breathing sucks!
~not having to sleep for 12 hours just to have the energy to lay on the couch and watch tv.
~not having to wake up every 10 minutes to blow my nose in the middle of the night!
~being able to taste food. not there yet, but i can't wait!
~having a normal voice. again, no such luck. but my puberty stage is fading fast!
~the silence in my head. now that the pounding sinus headaches are kaput.
~my kick ass husband who puts up with my family. bless him. {i know, not related to the sickie thing but totally appropriate!}

and i do finally have my grubby hands on all vegas pictures! yay! have them uploaded to an online site. woot. just to crop and pick and choose. updates before the end of the weekend, i promise. bills come first... sorry!

thanks for all the well wishes. you girls are the bestest!

and for your patience, a family shot from the trip! :)


quick update...

i know, i suck. no updates. but i seemed to have caught a nasty something on our trip. it started right when we got home. sore throat, stuffy nose, head congestion, fever. yuck. so i've been trying to sleep it off. i'm averaging about 12 hours a night. got sent home from work yesterday {fevers don't mix with immunocompromised aka.. sick patients}. so i really haven't been feeling up to anything.
i promise i will update soon. the meds seem to be kicking in and i'm feeling a tad bit better. thanks to those of you who were wondering where i was! ;o


hi ho, hi ho...

it's off to vegas we go!
was is it complete craziness for us the day before we leave? i can handle it as long as we have luggage in vegas... no boats, no stewards to misplace it. keeping my fingers crossed.
oh and hoping that my parents don't drive us completely batty. my husband has been a saint. love him! i've sworn off talking to my family before we leave. well, my brother is cool. my mom just calls with complete randomness. can i take hairspray? can you pack muffins in your carry on? seriously, tho annoying... way cute. kinda shows her silly innocence. i swear the woman would have been a hermit had it not been for my father. yeah, he's the rebel.
the woman hasn't been on a plane in 22 years! my lil bro... never! both are afraid of heights. my dad is in charge of my mom and nick has to deal with me and kevin. yes, i have flown... still not a big fan of landing, take off, or turbulence. totally have the xanax and sleeping pills packed. ;o)
be back soon with lots of fun pics and stories!


i sniff gloo..

i don't. never did understand that whole thing when we were little. never ate paste either. please, raise your hand if you did so we can all point and laugh! ;o)
our bathtub is finally being fixed. the master bath cracked. thankfully, it was under warranty. so the company is here to repair it. the ordeal begain in april! the house stinks of glue and i totally think i'm high from indirect contact. i don't know how those people can do that job. i would pass out!
the guy said he has fixed four so far this week. eek. said the company fixed the problem. hopefully, our spare bath won't have those problems since it isn't a whirlpool tub.
the vegas itinerary is tentatively set. mom and dad have succeeded in driving both nick and myself bonkers! mom wants to see a nudie show. go figure. nick and dad decided on this one. i am hoping it won't just be porn but an actual show unlike some of the others. i know, the boys are probably disappointed! so splash it is. gonna do dinner for mom's birthday at paris it's a good thing my parents spend my inheritence gambling or way or there was no way we would have gone there! ;oP gotta love comps. helped get us our rooms too!
we are going to drive to the canyon one day. minus dad. says he's been there, doesn't want to do it again. mom poo-pooed him and we are leaving him behind!
should be fun. nick and i are unsure if we are going to take in a show by ourselves or just take in the scenery. think we are going to wing it when we get there!
alright.. really must get back to the gloo sniffing...