i sniff gloo..

i don't. never did understand that whole thing when we were little. never ate paste either. please, raise your hand if you did so we can all point and laugh! ;o)
our bathtub is finally being fixed. the master bath cracked. thankfully, it was under warranty. so the company is here to repair it. the ordeal begain in april! the house stinks of glue and i totally think i'm high from indirect contact. i don't know how those people can do that job. i would pass out!
the guy said he has fixed four so far this week. eek. said the company fixed the problem. hopefully, our spare bath won't have those problems since it isn't a whirlpool tub.
the vegas itinerary is tentatively set. mom and dad have succeeded in driving both nick and myself bonkers! mom wants to see a nudie show. go figure. nick and dad decided on this one. i am hoping it won't just be porn but an actual show unlike some of the others. i know, the boys are probably disappointed! so splash it is. gonna do dinner for mom's birthday at paris it's a good thing my parents spend my inheritence gambling or way or there was no way we would have gone there! ;oP gotta love comps. helped get us our rooms too!
we are going to drive to the canyon one day. minus dad. says he's been there, doesn't want to do it again. mom poo-pooed him and we are leaving him behind!
should be fun. nick and i are unsure if we are going to take in a show by ourselves or just take in the scenery. think we are going to wing it when we get there!
alright.. really must get back to the gloo sniffing...


Kache said...

I never ate glue, but I used to like the smell of it. That and gasoline. No comment.

Family outing to the nudie show...good times will be had by all!

Anonymous said...

LOL Krystn!!

Sounds like you'll have a great time!


Breana said...

you all will all have a blast. reed & i went to a nudie show once, it was okay...i think he too was disappointed. lol.no glue sniffing for me...lol

Brandy said...

my house smells like hard core paint thinner right now, we are working on the master bed and bath and some hard core chemmies have been in use. I don't smell it until I leave and come back though.

We've done strip clubs for giggles, but Jason tends to talk to his friends and I get irritated that he is not nice enough to the girls. Whatta wife.

Jill said...

Gloo. *snicker* LOVE the Canyon--it's awesome! Enjoy your trip!!!