wip 4.13.13

evening was family time! taco night.
nick was insistent upon making a beverage. he decided on horchata last minute. i'm not a huge fan, but everyone else loved it.
ben even liked it enough that he stole brianna's when she wasn't looking!

playing the trust game with auntie bri. 

our silly kitty. ben likes to give her cat nap. 

dessert was a homemade lemon cake with raspberries. so good. disregard the missing piece and lost raspberry. i couldn' take a picture quick enough. everyone was anxious to dive in!

spent the morning snuggling with beans.
when nick finally woke up, he got a phone call and had to head out to work. so that meant more snuggle time with ben. seriously, love napping with that kid.
when nick got home, we headed out for a dinner date before seeing his dad's band play at a local bar.

went to lucrezia's thinking that it would be close to the bar.
some obligatory food photos. not the best, but oh well. apps, meal, terribly delicious but not so photogenic dessert, and nick is always happy when he can end a meal with a cappuccino. i forget what this was. it wasn't a cappuccino, but it was tasty! 

were getting ready to head to the bar and my lil bro asked us to be his dd. so we headed the opposite direction to pick him up and headed back out the way we were. he's lucky we love him. ;)

the band getting ready.
nick's dad is the keyboard player.

kevin, my brother, and his girlfriend, bk.
she had just turned 21 earlier in the week. was her 'first' bar experience. so happy we were a part of it, even if i couldn't imbibe with them.

{please pardon the wide variety of the quality of pictures. i cannot remember which ones came from where. there were iphone photos and regular camera photos. then there were a zillion photos that were texted to one another.}

nick and i...

a wee bit nicer version. ;)

some of my lovely lady friends came out!
yay jamie for making me not be the only pregnant woman in the bar that night. 

had such a good time with everyone. so happy the could make it.
we saw boobies. there was a crazy drunk girl bopping around and it was only a matter of time. i'm not sure why we didn't take bets on when it would happen. was kind of funny that the entire bar cheered when it happened. i think we were all thinking the same thing.

my drunken hubby and i dancing. again, not sure who picked up the camera for me, but thanks friend. ;)

was kinda bummed that i couldn't really be up there dancing. this baby bug has put a damper on some of my activities, but that's okay. whatever is necessary to have a healthy baby in the end.


and a cute one of michelle dancing away. not the best quality. but i love how happy she looks. 


was a late night. we closed the bar down. i was super tired. but it was oh so worth it.

my morning to sleep in. came downstairs to this...
i guess someone had a little too much. and another someone wanted to be liked daddy. ;)

went to nick's mom's that afternoon to celebrate his sister's birthday
ben and noah enjoying trouble.

ben and his blue sugar drink and new dolphin that gigi brought him from florida. 

a cousin pile up on the couch?

 silly chester. such a chubby kitty. reminds me of nibbies. 

had family story time at bedtime. nick was trying to read a book and it was too dark. {we seriously need head lamps for us. i think i might actually purchase some. his room is just not conducive to bedtime stories. the lighting blows.}

nick decided his phone would be an appropriate light...
{my camera flash made it appear brighter than it actually was.}


phew. a crazy, tiring weekend spent with family and friends. we were exhausted by the end of it, but it's always totally worth it. 


wordless wednesday. happy retirement mom!

my lil bro got stuck at work. i guess that's what happens when you're the boss. so our family photo is minus one. 
42 years! this fall she won't be going back to school, she'll be coming over to baby sit baby bug. ;)


ten on tuesday 5-28-13

- i could not work at a pain clinic. bless those who do.

- so excited that school is out for the summer in one more day. makes my communte a wee bit easier!

- we have ben watching sytycd. it's awesome when he gets up and dances along.

- purchased a few plants for our garden boxes and deck planters... hoping the weather cooperates and i can get them planted in the next few days. {poor ben was watering dead plants the other day!}

- got back from a walk on the beach with nick's mom's side of the family yesterday... gigi {nick's mom} said, 'i'm pooped.' ben turned to nick and said, 'daddy you go check her butt.' could not stop laughing.

- the new camera and phone and computer are all hooked up. hoping to get some blogging done tonight. yay for new electronics that will hopefully speed up what has gotten to be a super lengthy process, which is why i think i've dreaded doing them for the past few months.

- my girlfriends are the best. had a 'baby sprinkle' thursday. was surprised, contrary to their belief!

- and the above bullet, has made my baby list a wee bit shorter. feeling like i have a few things if baby bug decides to arrive early. which i'm not hoping for...

- love the new coffee mate girl scout creamers: thin mint and coconut caramel. surprisingly, i like the thin mint more!

- another new grocery favorite of the moment: jalapeno philadelphia cream cheese. yum. a bit spicy though, so be warned!


wordless wednesday 5.22.13

another post proclaiming my love for the a beautiful mess photo app. ;)

{iphone photo 5.18.13 chicago - the loop - no filter.}
and sorry for those of you who have already seen this on facebook or instagram... have some readers who don't visit either of those and thought they might enjoy this as well.


ten on tuesday 5.21.13

- forgot to post yesterday. oops! got distracted by an impromptu gathering with friends.

- hoping to figure out the new computer and have some posts for this week. {think nick will be angry if i continue to use the mac when i have a new, shiny laptop!}

- booked our newborn photo shoots and mini maternity sessions. phew! so excited.

- remember my wild turkey question from a few weeks back? well, i have confirmation. i'm not crazy. there are wild turkeys in st. john. nick even admitted it after he thought i went nuts!

- saw a convertible the other day and ben asked, 'mommy why is his head outside of the car?' so cute. had to explain how they worked and now he's fascinated by them whenever we see one.

- have been so super productive around the house. makes me happy. crossing things off my list like crazy.

- looking forward to the long weekend. might be a bit hectic. going to play it by ear.

- thankful for friends {within walking distance} with new, heated, in ground pools! love that ben is such a fish.

- bath and body works has a new candle, watermelon lemonade, so good. so summery.

- speaking of yummy smells. totally enjoying my new scentsy purchases. did pretty good picking scents without smelling them. i liked all but one. that never happens!


wip 4.6.13

after a pretty chaotic afternoon, nick and i headed out for some grown up time. ben's teacher, miss shelley, had been asking to babysit him for months. it was the first time we left him with a non family member! and we had to pay! ;) totally worth it though. he loves miss shelley!

nick and i went to cooper's hawk for dinner. just wasn't the same not being able to do the wine tasting before our meal. we really lived it up and had some fancy lemonades!

dinner was good. was nice to just talk. things had been so hectic that sometimes it's easy to disconnect.

i got play doh updates from miss shelley. {i cannot stand the smell of play doh.} she had bought ben some in his birthday pressie. so they played for quite some time. and apparently, she loves the smell... weirdo! ;)

we saw gi joe. was pretty good. i'm not much of an action movie kinda girl but usually we see those kind of movies at the theater and save the rom coms and other genres for home viewing. i think bruce willis is getting cuter with age. i know, i know. whatever. judge away. i wish that joseph gordon levitt was in it. and more channing tatum. but the rock was in it, so that helped! and he is totally growing on me.

nick left early to go to work. ben asked to watch lacrosse on tv. he's learning about it during his pee-wee sports class at school. thankfully, i was able to find some. he sat there for a good 35 minutes watching

nick came home, and then got called out to work almost immediately after.
ben and i took the time to enjoy a snuggle-y nap. after our naps, we headed outside to enjoy the warm weather. it was just so gosh darn windy!!

decided to use the wind to my advantage and let it blow bubbles for me!
i even found another bubble wand and ben's holster for his sword, and let him pretend the bubbles were bad guys and he ran around popping them for what seemed like forever!

yay! daddy's home!
they tried out a kite. who knew it could be too windy for them? they gave it a valliant effort, though.

that evening we lounged around and watched the final four. ben wanted to watch some of 'his shows' on the computer.

i tried to read. just couldn't get into it. i'm thinking i won't finish a book for a very long time now. just can't get into the mood.

nick was so into his book. was trying to find time to read it whenever he could. i believe it was battle royale. i might try to squeeze it in before baby. maybe. nick really enjoyed it.

tried on his new birthday clothes. some body is short. ;D

then met the cooper clan to see the croods. was a last minute idea. so glad it worked.

after the show, we hung out and talked and the kids had fun playing in the photo booth.

there was a camera on the outside of the booth. once the kids figured it out, they were hamming it up. would like to know what was going on behind that closed curtain!

ran a few errands before we headed home. someone was super slap happy.