first new baby purchase....

i'm feeling not so prepared when it comes to this little one. i've said it before, i now understand that whole second child gets the shaft phenomenon. ;)

told nick we really need to get cracking and start ordering a few things. thought we should start with the diaper bag. well, it's because it was the last one where i was ordering it from... not because i had any logical reason for starting there.

came in the mail yesterday and i think i'm gonna like it.

we decided to go for a convertible one. thinking we need the backpack option with a four year old and a little one.

still have lots on the list.
~ diapers
~ wipes
~ formula?
~ nursing supplies: cover, creams, pads...
~ video monitor
~ a new carrier. {the bjorn kinda hurt my back.}
~ maybe a sling
~ new swaddling blankets
~ a custom changing pad and bag from etsy
~ a cute hat ;)

have a private wish list on amazon that we started. not sure why i'm waiting? maybe it's because i don't want to buy anything gender specific in case the lady was wrong? but now i might need to have another ultrasound. {i'll know more after my next appointment.} thinking if i can get additional confirmation, maybe i'll feel more secure in buying that blue or pink stuff!

also on my to do list is just random unpacking and cleaning of ben's baby stuff. seriously, the piles of lists are growing! i actually went out and bought some legal pads to leave in the house, so i could write notes to myself. i know i can put them in my phone, but there's just something so gratifying about crossing it off the list!  maybe i've shared that already, i can't remember. maybe i should have written that down. ;P

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