ten on tuesday 5.21.13

- forgot to post yesterday. oops! got distracted by an impromptu gathering with friends.

- hoping to figure out the new computer and have some posts for this week. {think nick will be angry if i continue to use the mac when i have a new, shiny laptop!}

- booked our newborn photo shoots and mini maternity sessions. phew! so excited.

- remember my wild turkey question from a few weeks back? well, i have confirmation. i'm not crazy. there are wild turkeys in st. john. nick even admitted it after he thought i went nuts!

- saw a convertible the other day and ben asked, 'mommy why is his head outside of the car?' so cute. had to explain how they worked and now he's fascinated by them whenever we see one.

- have been so super productive around the house. makes me happy. crossing things off my list like crazy.

- looking forward to the long weekend. might be a bit hectic. going to play it by ear.

- thankful for friends {within walking distance} with new, heated, in ground pools! love that ben is such a fish.

- bath and body works has a new candle, watermelon lemonade, so good. so summery.

- speaking of yummy smells. totally enjoying my new scentsy purchases. did pretty good picking scents without smelling them. i liked all but one. that never happens!

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