heard about this lovely reality show a few days back.
i just don't get how that is entertaining. not. at. all.

pick one person. vote for who you think should live. come on! seriously? ridiculous. saddening. maddening. not nearly enough words to express my disgust.

edited to add this. thank goodness...


no freaking way!

so friday night we went to dinner with nick's coworker, her husband, and two of their friends. pretty knowledgable group of peeps. some interesting conversation at times. well, the one guy brings up the 'new' diet pill. a tapeworm. ew! supposidly, you take a pill. it gives you the tape worm. you live with said tape worm for few weeks, then take a second pill to kill it. you then have to pass the freaking thing. yuck! but you won't gain a pound. you'll lose no matter what you eat. i listened. thought no way in hell would i willingly give myself a tapeworm. just the thought of that dirty little thing hanging out in my intestines gives me the heeby geebies.
at work today, i decide to ask one of my docs if he has heard anything about. apparantely it's true. they {medical weirdos} have been talking about this for some time. blech. no way jose. so not going there.
who knows if it is actually going to make it to the market, but with weight loss now-a-days who knows.
found this on snopes...
and seriously. i know i'm not obese, but if i was i honestly do not think there would be anyway you convince me to take one of those suckers. blech! would you?


aloe, icy hot, and benjamins.

not necessarily in that order!
a few months ago, nick decided that he was going to run in the chicago marathon. the guy is crazy, what can i say. well, he and jason have been training to do this for the fast few weeks. nick and i thought it might be fun if i got a bike and cross-trained with him on his non-running days. pfth. little did i know it would cost me an arm and a leg and hurt the heck out of my bum! saturday we went to our local trek store and were sold on this little number {beware the link can be loud!} instantly.
i'm a sucker for cute things. doesn't necessarily have to be functional. but if it's cute. i'm sold. got the his lime. sooo cute. the hidden compartment in the seat... brilliant. {ignore nick's finger holding it open! ;o)}

so after we bought it and now that we are broke, we decide to ride it. oy. saturday was raining. so we only did about three miles in the local subdivisions. it had been quite some time since i rode a bike. since our cruise, i believe. wanted to de-rustify myself.
sunday we hit the local trails. still want to do this one. so the trail, ended up doing about 15 miles. maybe a little less. had to stop for a phone call during... nick was on call. and convinced him to take this picture. pasty, sweaty dorks = excellent photo op!

used dairy queen as our halfway point. really nice to have an ice cream cone! was kinda motivation to get there. the bummer was going back. no little ice cream cone hanging in front of my nose then!
15 miles = sore bootay. thighs not so much. but i was a stretching fool before and after. need to get a different seat cover. one with much more padding! then watch out!
also got quite burnt. mostly my shoulders. took off the tank top and only had the sports bra on for the ride back... forgot to apply the sunscreen there. oh and i'm a dork. we used the spray on stuff. um, yeah, forgot to rub it in on my forearms so i have splotches. sexy. and nick. ha. sprayed his back and didn't really rub that in either. it's hilarious! i mean, i feel bad. but it looks so funny.
hung with jas and chris in the evening. their family too. guess it was an impromtu bbq. had to ride the bikes there. felt like we were kids again. nick even left his in the yard. sigh, to be kids again. played bocce ball and ladder golf. good times. long day. i think i passed out by ten!
today was vegetable day. watched pans labrinth. dude, i thought it was a fantasy cartoon. not some crazy war movie with subtitles! oh and i finally whipped out the rebel. loving it. feel so 'professional' and find myself taking the craziest pictures!


and another...

love it. wish i could force myself instead of cry at times. but sometimes a good cry is necessary. ;o)

Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward.

— Kurt Vonnegut

kinda fancy schmancy with the quotes. love my real simple quote of the days.

feeling a bit funky. not sure if it's a cold or allergies. i usually deny that i have allergies. never been tested. just don't want to admit it. both mom and grandma have them... so i'm guessing i do too. really don't want it to be a cold. there's some nasty stuff going around now. would be much easier if they were allergies. hoping this killer sore throat leaves now.

for all you scrappers, so all of you reading this, rsc is looking for more creative team members. check it out. great gig. feel free to email me questions. i know i've already talked with a few of you! and good luck if you decide to submit!


a new quote.

saw this on a blog and didn't want to forget about it or misplace it...

when you are trying to stay creative too many rules can drive you loopy. improvise. let loose! because, after all, you can't amaze the world until you first surprise yourself.
kermit the frog.



the real estate agents around here are nuts! we are trying out for sale by owner and the big names will NOT leave us alone. fliers in our mailbox. business cards stuck in our door. phone calls about why we shoud list with them. we even had a neighbor introduce herself to us after four years while wearing a remax tshirt. subtle lady, very subtle...
oh my goodness. seriously. that is not helping your cause. if i wanted your help, i would have asked. and we did. we talked with an agent when we first discussed selling our home. but if i can save $20,000 in fees, i fully intend on doing so. i mean i understand that your business isn't going so well right now. that the market is kinda slow but that doesn't give you the right to bombard us with crazy messages and letters and random interruptions of time with my hubby and our family. i might consider using your services if we were pressed for time. but we aren't. we are just kinda feeling things out. seeing how it goes. not sure that they understand that whole thing. not sure i want to take the time to explain it to the 10-15 people we have already heard from.
i hope this insanity ends soon!



so i have road rage. bad. most of the time. trying to be better but still find myself yelling at stupid drivers. can't help it.
this morning, i'm driving along and catch the lady behind me swerving. why? because she's applying eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow. seriously? honey, wake up five minutes earlier if you care that much. me, i like my sleep. i'm going makeup-less.
got to talking about it at work and it did come up in conversation at our mother's day festivities. bad drivers. now, i'm a multitasker too. in the car is where i make most of my phone calls. but i do not talk on the cell phone while smoking a cigarette. this lady almost ran my poor little grandma off the road. then confused the heck out her because grams couldn't figure out how she was driving. thought she might have a heart attack when i told her the lady was probably using her knees.
my friend, who shall remain nameless {just in case i share this blog with friends and family} would regularly do their homework in the car on their way to college. mind boggling. reading while driving at 70+mph.
a family member has confessed to reading the paper and getting into i think two accidents while driving to work. one maybe. two i hope we had learned our lesson...
then there's just the crazies. the ones who cut across three lanes of traffic, who use no turn signal or the wrong turn signal. or they even just cruise along with the turn signal on. come on, is that just in case you want to hurry up and change lanes? kinda scary that you are so unobservant that you don't a.}hear the thing or b.}look at your dashboard and see if flashing at you.
anywho. that's my rant. or just shannon's deep thoughts. intriguing i know! glad you stuck it out i'm sure.

so fun news. check it out! all you regulars know about it but for the lurkers and not so frequent visitors! so excited for them!! best of luck girlies. can't wait to see what you have in store for us.


tis official.

the house is on the market. as of yesterday. already had one drive by that we know of... unfortunately, we didn't have the sign up because nick was cutting the grass. hope they will drive by again!
our neighbors are a bit ticked. have had their house on the market since like january. haven't sold it yet. are asking way crazy price, in our opinion. was a little miffed that we did by owner and for way cheaper than theirs. made him even more upset when we told him we didn't care if it sold or not. wanted to see what would happen.
i mean don't get me wrong. i would love our house to sell quickly. but if it doesn't and we have to wait a bit and put it on the market again next spring, that's fine by us. our lot doesn't have to be paid off for three years. not sure on the rules of the new subdivision. but oh well. and we've figured that we can finish our basement if we need to help out his dad and girlfriend and her daughter. we will make things work. i'm not going to worry.
so phew! still have the scrap room to organize. it took the brunt of the 'if we don't know where to put it, shove it in here for the time being.'
also did a lot of organizing for the garage sale. hoping to get to the little things like ribbon and stuff like that too. we shall see!
have a ton of dt projects to do for rsc. due the 15, ack! the joys of being a procrastinator! thankfully, i did complete a few digi pages!
had the family over yesterday for mom's day. nice times. good food. great company. no pictures! hoping to veg out the rest of the day. okay and get some work done, but i would really like to just veg!

oooh, maybe i can squeeze in some yoga today too. our instructor keeps telling us we need to find time to practice at home. agreed. i did do some pranayama {think that is how it's spelled} aka breathing at lunch on a crazy work day. felt much better. she's even told us we should start taking more advanced classes. totally diggin it. such a lazy girl's activity, lying on the ground, stretching. my cup of tea!
happy mom's day to all you mommies out there in blogland! ;o)


liquid crack.

not a ginormous post.
we are alive and well.
house should be on the market this weekend.
experienced a whirlwind cleaning. which was way needed and way good.
in the meantime, beware... this is liquid crack. made me crazy yesterday. just so ya know.

k. back this weekend with more. promise.. maybe. :o)

edited: sorry if my link doesn't work. it's starbuck's iced coffee... that you buy in a can at the grocery store. had a $3.50 off coupon. thought i would be in business, suckers are $6 for four! seriously?! still bought them. still got me buzzed out of my gord. k. enough on that crazy stuff...