so i have road rage. bad. most of the time. trying to be better but still find myself yelling at stupid drivers. can't help it.
this morning, i'm driving along and catch the lady behind me swerving. why? because she's applying eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow. seriously? honey, wake up five minutes earlier if you care that much. me, i like my sleep. i'm going makeup-less.
got to talking about it at work and it did come up in conversation at our mother's day festivities. bad drivers. now, i'm a multitasker too. in the car is where i make most of my phone calls. but i do not talk on the cell phone while smoking a cigarette. this lady almost ran my poor little grandma off the road. then confused the heck out her because grams couldn't figure out how she was driving. thought she might have a heart attack when i told her the lady was probably using her knees.
my friend, who shall remain nameless {just in case i share this blog with friends and family} would regularly do their homework in the car on their way to college. mind boggling. reading while driving at 70+mph.
a family member has confessed to reading the paper and getting into i think two accidents while driving to work. one maybe. two i hope we had learned our lesson...
then there's just the crazies. the ones who cut across three lanes of traffic, who use no turn signal or the wrong turn signal. or they even just cruise along with the turn signal on. come on, is that just in case you want to hurry up and change lanes? kinda scary that you are so unobservant that you don't a.}hear the thing or b.}look at your dashboard and see if flashing at you.
anywho. that's my rant. or just shannon's deep thoughts. intriguing i know! glad you stuck it out i'm sure.

so fun news. check it out! all you regulars know about it but for the lurkers and not so frequent visitors! so excited for them!! best of luck girlies. can't wait to see what you have in store for us.


Anonymous said...

Don't have quite the road rage you do LOL but I do yell at people who don't use their blinkers, tailgate me, and multi task while driving, and, sadly, it's mostly women I'm yelling at...


Kache said...

Oh man, I'm terrible with the yelling. I've also had two people chase me after I flipped them off. Nice.

WOOHOO! Thanks for linking :)

Breana said...

reed is right there with ya Shan. I do some of those bad things, but only when at a stop light. I know horrible right!