aloe, icy hot, and benjamins.

not necessarily in that order!
a few months ago, nick decided that he was going to run in the chicago marathon. the guy is crazy, what can i say. well, he and jason have been training to do this for the fast few weeks. nick and i thought it might be fun if i got a bike and cross-trained with him on his non-running days. pfth. little did i know it would cost me an arm and a leg and hurt the heck out of my bum! saturday we went to our local trek store and were sold on this little number {beware the link can be loud!} instantly.
i'm a sucker for cute things. doesn't necessarily have to be functional. but if it's cute. i'm sold. got the his lime. sooo cute. the hidden compartment in the seat... brilliant. {ignore nick's finger holding it open! ;o)}

so after we bought it and now that we are broke, we decide to ride it. oy. saturday was raining. so we only did about three miles in the local subdivisions. it had been quite some time since i rode a bike. since our cruise, i believe. wanted to de-rustify myself.
sunday we hit the local trails. still want to do this one. so the trail, ended up doing about 15 miles. maybe a little less. had to stop for a phone call during... nick was on call. and convinced him to take this picture. pasty, sweaty dorks = excellent photo op!

used dairy queen as our halfway point. really nice to have an ice cream cone! was kinda motivation to get there. the bummer was going back. no little ice cream cone hanging in front of my nose then!
15 miles = sore bootay. thighs not so much. but i was a stretching fool before and after. need to get a different seat cover. one with much more padding! then watch out!
also got quite burnt. mostly my shoulders. took off the tank top and only had the sports bra on for the ride back... forgot to apply the sunscreen there. oh and i'm a dork. we used the spray on stuff. um, yeah, forgot to rub it in on my forearms so i have splotches. sexy. and nick. ha. sprayed his back and didn't really rub that in either. it's hilarious! i mean, i feel bad. but it looks so funny.
hung with jas and chris in the evening. their family too. guess it was an impromtu bbq. had to ride the bikes there. felt like we were kids again. nick even left his in the yard. sigh, to be kids again. played bocce ball and ladder golf. good times. long day. i think i passed out by ten!
today was vegetable day. watched pans labrinth. dude, i thought it was a fantasy cartoon. not some crazy war movie with subtitles! oh and i finally whipped out the rebel. loving it. feel so 'professional' and find myself taking the craziest pictures!


Brandy said...

rebels rockkkkk!

that bike seat is the coolest thing ever and i hope you got a nice rubdown after all that effort!

Heather said...

love rebels!

love the bike seat- love bike rides!

Susan said...

the only way I'd ride 15 miles was for an ice cream at the end!

Anonymous said...

cool bike!


Kache said...

Last time I biked my butt killed...sorry to hear about the sunburn. Sounds like a very fun weekend. 15 miles for a dairy queen? Don't even think that would tempt me enough :)