ten on tuesday. 4.30.13

- ben is sick again. bad timing. diagnosed with strep last week. now we find out he has fifth's disease. could be why his fever didn't break after two days of antibiotics. poor little guy has quite the rash. hoping it goes away quickly.

- when we noticed ben's rash yesterday, nick asked him if anything was bothering him. ben's reply, 'yes. a fly.' um, there wasn't a fly in sight. silly boy.

- left my glucose test on monday and drove past a library on the way into work... there was a line outside waiting for them to open. so awesome.

- do you think that st. john has wild turkeys? i swear i saw one monday.

- my lists are getting out of control. i just can't remember anything and there's so much to do!

- really need to get back to my wip posts. have been beyond distracted with all of wee man's ailments.

- love having my windows open. ;)

- debating revealing the sex of this baby before it's born... and if so, how.

- haven't had another mini blizzard since the binge a few weeks ago. aren't you proud?

- not sure what the posts are going to look like for this week. all depends on ben and how he's feeling.


wordless wednesday. ah, irony...

saw this in our local newspaper last week...



ten on tuesday 4.23.13

- 2/3 family members are on antibiotics. i'm hoping that i don't make it 3/3!

- so ben is usually sick on his birthday. this year he's a month behind. poor guy has strep. hoping these antibiotics work quickly! 

- between nick and myself, we went to target three times yesterday. that might be a record!

- looking forward to nick's monthly installments of ten on tuesday. ;)

- damn you dairy queen and your new blizzard of the month {choco-covered pretzels with peanut butter}. i've had three mini's in the past week. ugh!

- am still on the hunt for the perfect pedicure. how hard can it be? i just want them to rub my feet nicely and the polish to be applied evenly to all of the nail and for it to last! i know, i'm high maintenance.

-i dislike stinky people. wish there was a discreet way to tell them a soap and shower to both themselves and their clothes would be terribly helpful.

- i feel like i'm neglecting the second child already. haven't taken the weekly photo update in about 4 weeks. bad mother!

- while we're on babies... there is nothing more uncomfortable yet comforting at the same time that this baby kicked a hole through my stomach. ;)

- this key and peele skit makes me laugh. can completely relate with some of the names i come across at work!


wip 3.30.13


had my first peapod experience. so exciting. and addicting! definitely worth it. we actually spend less in the long run even if some prices are higher and with delivery charges. ;)

took ben for his four year check up. he finally remembers dr. stroman. and doesn't say dr. seuss. ;(

we passed the time waiting for the doctor, and daddy, by playing with his cars...

ben was amazing. took the two shots without a tear, cry, whimper, yell... nothing. we chatted about the possibility before the visit and discussed that it was to help him from getting sick. was a bit nervous... even mentioned going for a shake after the visit if he was a good boy and cooperated with the doctors and nurses. when he was done, he asked, 'can we go get a vanilla shake now?' whatever works, right?! {and i convinced him to get cherry. you can't just have a vanilla shake from dairy queen!}

after dinner we made some bunny bark and decorated eggs.

the process was less messy than in the past. except when he kept insisted on grabbing the eggs out of the cups with his hands!

and a batman mask for his egg.

decided last minute to go to this crazy egg hunt at the fairgrounds.  took forever to get in! it was almost as bad as fair time. will have to adjust our schedules accordingly if we decide to go next year.

they had a helicopter drop candy, twice too..
we opted to watch the first drop. figured mr. ben would really get a kick out of it.

they had pre-covered some of the ground with candy. was a good thing because the helicopter stopped and dropped all of the candy in one spot. i'm hoping they fixed that for the second one...

anxiously waiting for the helicopters to come.

i see one!

look there are two!

the first helicopter which dropped candy for the older age group.

and the second one that dropped for the younger kids. {the one that stayed stationary while dropping...}

after the frantic dash for candy, we had to truck it to the other side of the fairgrounds to find the area for our age group for the egg hunt.

there was no skimping on the eggs!

nick giving ben the pep talk.

and they're off!

time to go through the haul.


there were tons of prizes: bikes, ipods... we won... candy! oh well. it was still fun!

ended up bumping into quite a few people at the event: jamie and family, john and the girls, nick's coworker, and i feel like i'm forgetting people. oh well. 

was a bit chaotic. would probably do it again. i mean you can't beat free! 

ran some errands afterwards. stopped at home depot and got a new storage bench for our shoes to put by the front door. it makes me so happy to not have a mat full of shoes there anymore!

stopped at portillo's for lunch. ben asked why we had a bunny on our car. nick and i were soooo confused. look closely at the windshield. they had put our ticket under nick's windshield wiper and the two little pink things were sticking up and it looked just like bunny ears!

after eats and naps, we headed to my parent's for easter dinner.

my neanderthal husband enjoying the deep fried turkey. it was so good. and i'm not a huge turkey person.

the boys went outside to enjoy the weather and play ball.

how we park at the meyers...

snuggle time with grandma.

came home and ben helped nick put together the storage bench we purchased earlier in the day.

once ben was asleep, the easter bunny went to work!

ben didn't want to go downstairs when he woke up. he has done this on christmas too. i think he's afraid that the easter bunny, or santa, will still be there!

finally convinced him we should go see what the bunny left him...

i hear the easter bunny likes to grab things that are on sale throughout the year and put them in his baksets... makes for quite the basket.

then it was time to find the eggs.
nick almost asked me how many eggs he hid! caught himself just in time and said that the bunny leaves notes for mommys and daddys so that the kids can find them all!

easter dinner was at nick's mom's.
all the cousins were watching a movie.

mister fussy pants was quite enjoyable. {can you hear the sarcasm?} i'm thinking it was partly from his shots on friday. he had a serious lump and a red area to his poor little thigh...

the easter bunny stops at gigi's too!

and leaves baskets.

look, i got spiderman.

a new ball?!

cheesing with cousin megan.

playing with his new spiderman guy.

trying for a family photo but someone wasn't cooperative.

headed back upstairs and just visited for a bit. someone wanted to snuggle with his mommy. i love it when that happens. ;)

another try at the family photo op!

showing off his shirt.

telling cousin megan's boyfriend, that he enjoys his new spiderman although his facial expression might make you think otherwise.


and cousin megan and ben always have to have some camera time when they are together. always.

super busy weekend! i feel like we should get an extra day off when there are holidays on the weekends. everyone needs that extra day to catch up!