ten on tuesday 4.16.13

- slept through the night for the first time in months last night. so nice! i'm pretty sure having the windows open and the sound of rain helped. ;)

- the other day ben told me that the baby is getting big in there. i think he's gonna be surprised to see how big i actually get! {maybe a baby post this week?}

- i don't understand blocking things on wifi. like why block instagram but not facebook? strange.

- trying to figure out if i'm going to be brave, or crazy, enough to sign up for a 5k in november. will give me 7 weeks post op to prepare.

- nick went to kohls to use some of their 'kohl's cash'. the cashier told him he saved $75. he was a bit confused. he bought: a pair of adidas flips, a three pack of hanes tshirts, and a novelty tee. used the $50 cash he had {meaning he spent nothing}... would someone really have spent $135 on those three items?

- there is no such thing as chrome's disease. it's crohn's. seriously. medical people really should know this.

- ben and i were discussing what mommy and daddy do for work. he knows mommy is a nurse. and that daddy makes medicine to help people. pharmacist is a bit tricky! so when we reviewed that he was a pharmacist, he said, 'oh i like farms. and horses.' awesome!

- deadliest catch starts tonight. i haven't watched since captain phil died. not sure if i'm gonna do it...

- had to get new work shoes yesterday. was surreal being in a running store when some of 'their' own had just finished the marathon. such a sad world we live in today.

- convinced, okay asked, my friend to sew ben's closet curtains/drapes. she agreed! now i just have to hem the ones hanging over the window... i gave her my thread, so i get to wait a bit. but i am way less overwhelmed about hemming something that creating my own! yay good friends. 

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