wip 3.9.13


nothing too exciting.
nick and i tried to catch up on some american horror stories once ben was asleep.
chewbacca didn't want me to fold the laundry...

was going to be a lazy morning at home with beans. {nick was helping his sister move.}

beans requested green eggs and ham for breakfast. had just finished dr. seuss week at school. luckily i had some ham!

got a text from john asking if we could do lunch. told him nick was unavailable... he said bill couldn't join us either. perfect! just the five of us!

that evening we headed out to celebrate cousin megan's birthday.
loved that ben stuffed a napkin down his shirt. totally wish he would have left it there!

after pizza out, we headed back to nick's aunt and uncle's house. ben got to play with megan and jerry {who he is now obsessed with!}

someone was a crazy, sweaty mess!

candle time! ben's favorite part. he really loves their trick candles too.

and he opted for some edible arrangements rather than birthday cheesecake. i love that he still picks fruit over sweets. even if that pineapple did have some chocolate on it! he preferred the grapes and cantaloupe!

megan thought ben should wear her birthday crown!

then her leprechaun hat...

then he made a cave on the couch and had some quiet time with his phone.

ben wanted a tent in the living room, so why not? his little one broke, so we pulled out the big one.

nick took a break from working on the loft for ben's room and we headed to target. {i love those kinds of field trips!}

they make my heart smile.

the new hazelnut macchiato. was pretty tasty. have to say i think i'm still a caramel girl at heart though.

yay pretty sunsets. spring is almost here!

found this soap for ben when we were at target. it's awesome! smells so good!

silly boy! working on him covering his eyes when we wash the shampoo out. normally he's fine. actually, he used to dunk himself in... then he did it a little too aggressively and bumped his lip on the bottom of the tub and has been reluctant ever since.

we're getting somewhere!!

and piles of laundry to go with more american horror story!

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