ten on tuesday 4.2.13

- didn't even think twice about posting the news our growing family yesterday. completely forgot it was april fool's. it's legit. i swear. realized it when i saw crazy lohan tweeted about her 'pregnancy'.

- the blog sabbatical was refreshing. need to figure out how to take them more often without falling even further behind.

- started the day off at 805 asking if i could go home. i just felt like it was gonna be one of those days. sure enough, found out one patient has possible active tb {awesome}, another came in with a serious case of the shingles {not good for pregnant woman, not like tb is great for me either...}, a doctor found out he had appendicitis and was going in for surgery. just a strange day. quite a trifecta.

- were at bed bath and beyond a few weeks ago buying a new coffee machine. our keurig died. we were next to a bunch of cups with team logos on them. ben knew the bulls, sox, and bears. had to ask me what the red and blue c was! ha. guess we don't watch too many cubs games in this house.

- saw someone with light up easter lawn decorations. really?

- if i can see the lines of your underwear through your pants, you need bigger pants. but kudos for wearing underwear.

- there was a song on the radio and i made a comment about ludacris singing on it.. nick asked, well, who is this? rihanna? it was justin beiber! awesome. couldn't stop laughing.

- ben has actually slept in his bed. like twice! baby steps. and pictures on his room soon. i need to get in there and take pictures when it is light.

- and ben's birthday post will be done sometime this week. fingers crossed....

- was a little disappointed with the twix eggs. i was hoping for a bit more of the caramel-y center goodness. these chocolate covered marshmallows, however, were delicious. might be my favorite easter candy. ;)

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