ten on tuesday 4.23.13

- 2/3 family members are on antibiotics. i'm hoping that i don't make it 3/3!

- so ben is usually sick on his birthday. this year he's a month behind. poor guy has strep. hoping these antibiotics work quickly! 

- between nick and myself, we went to target three times yesterday. that might be a record!

- looking forward to nick's monthly installments of ten on tuesday. ;)

- damn you dairy queen and your new blizzard of the month {choco-covered pretzels with peanut butter}. i've had three mini's in the past week. ugh!

- am still on the hunt for the perfect pedicure. how hard can it be? i just want them to rub my feet nicely and the polish to be applied evenly to all of the nail and for it to last! i know, i'm high maintenance.

-i dislike stinky people. wish there was a discreet way to tell them a soap and shower to both themselves and their clothes would be terribly helpful.

- i feel like i'm neglecting the second child already. haven't taken the weekly photo update in about 4 weeks. bad mother!

- while we're on babies... there is nothing more uncomfortable yet comforting at the same time that this baby kicked a hole through my stomach. ;)

- this key and peele skit makes me laugh. can completely relate with some of the names i come across at work!

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TracyDacy said...

Ok that K&P skit was hilarious!