ten on tuesday 4.9.13

- some people need to stop over-sharing. there are just certain things that i would like to not know about my coworkers...

- i've officially started wearing my flips. if it snows again, i'm still wearing them. ;)

- have not listened to the new jt album that i bought weeks ago... i will find time!

- sorry about that bad blogging thing last week. i guess i was on a vacation hangover or something. i have the posts all set and ready for this week, so no fear!

- watched transformers with ben a week or so ago, at the end of the movie he turned to nick and asked, 'daddy, where did bumblebee come from?' nick's response, 'time for bed!' so not ready for these tricky parenting questions!

- another ben tidbit... we were discussing policemen in the car and when i said that they catch people being bad, ben asked 'with a net?' had to explain that there are other ways to catch people!

- i love daylight. i think i say this every year. so much easier to get up to chirping birdies than to complete silence and darkness.

- trying to read a book and i just cannot get into it. debating putting it down and walking away. that never happens.

- haven't made too many 'from scratch' dinners as of late, and it makes me sad. don't see that changing in the near future. have decided that market day and simple stuff will be my new best from for the next few months.. ahem, maybe year.

- dairy queen, why must you do this to me? i think i'm in serious trouble with this one. i don't even want to try it because i'm afraid of just how delicious it may be.

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