ten on tuesday. 4.30.13

- ben is sick again. bad timing. diagnosed with strep last week. now we find out he has fifth's disease. could be why his fever didn't break after two days of antibiotics. poor little guy has quite the rash. hoping it goes away quickly.

- when we noticed ben's rash yesterday, nick asked him if anything was bothering him. ben's reply, 'yes. a fly.' um, there wasn't a fly in sight. silly boy.

- left my glucose test on monday and drove past a library on the way into work... there was a line outside waiting for them to open. so awesome.

- do you think that st. john has wild turkeys? i swear i saw one monday.

- my lists are getting out of control. i just can't remember anything and there's so much to do!

- really need to get back to my wip posts. have been beyond distracted with all of wee man's ailments.

- love having my windows open. ;)

- debating revealing the sex of this baby before it's born... and if so, how.

- haven't had another mini blizzard since the binge a few weeks ago. aren't you proud?

- not sure what the posts are going to look like for this week. all depends on ben and how he's feeling.

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