wip 3.16.13

spent the day cleaning and organizing. what can i say, it's that time of year!

told nick i really needed a starbucks run... so when he got home, we went!

ben really did enjoy his 'strawberry shake' even though his face isn't terribly convincing.

then we ran to party city. had to do some last minute costume shopping for the murder mystery party.
i think ben looks so cool in this hat. was completely surprised that he wore it!

he insisted that i try on one too.

when we got home, nick had to finish working on ben's bed. it's all constructed. now he has to sand and stain. t minus one week til someone's birthday...

beans and i played with his marble run.
i love rotating his toys. makes everything seem much more 'new' every time we pull something out. and it takes up less room and makes this type a mommy very happy.

nick was working on the bed for most of the morning and afternoon. ben and i made a trip to dollar general... it was exhausting, so of course, we napped. ;)

then it was murder mystery party time. this was our third. still not the biggest fan, but oh well.

nick was a river dancer, and i was a home maker.

he'll probably kill me that i'm sharing here... but it's too funny not to share.

some of the participants.

nick won the prize for being the best character. complete shocker, i know. russ and i were sneaky and ended up with the most money at the end of the night. i think the best quote of the evening was, 'do i have a pickle on my back.' the coopers had a play a get to know you game where they put a green object on our back and we had to walk around and ask each other yes or no questions to figure it out.

st. patty's day. made my spinach pancakes. they are so good. really should make them more often.

made ben some green milk too. ;)

nick headed to work and ben and i went to gabby and drea's birthday party at jump zone.

pardon the photos. i'm too lazy to edit. just trying to catch up!

family photo op!

all the kiddos.

two super cute kids.

the birthday girls.


stopped at grabbed some shamrock shakes on the way home. {was my first of the year!}

then, yup, nick went back to work on ben's loft.

made beans some green pasta for dinner. {i added food coloring to the water. wasn't as green as i had hoped, but it worked.}


and, of course, a green bath to finish out the evening.

wishing we got to see more of nick. between work and building the bed, we haven't seen much of him.

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