ben is four!

{his three year postthe 2year post, and his one year post.}

birthday stats from his doctor's visit on the 29th: 35.1 pounds and 38 inches. {44th and 9th percentiles respectively.}

and the questions.

what is your name? ben pressner
how old are you? four
what is your favorite color? blue.
who is your best friend? matthew. and andrew.
what is your favorite animal? my kitty. {not sure he meant chewbacca. think he was talking about his new stuffed cat, cashmere.}
what do you want to be when you grow up? a grown up.
what is your favorite movie? transformers.
what is your favorite book? dr. seuss
what makes you happy? smiles.
what makes you sad? getting a hug. {what?!?! from the cuddle bug!}
what is your most favorite food to eat? pizza.
what is your favorite song to sing? abc's.
what game do you like to play? star wars {on his nintendo ds}
what is your favorite toy? bumblebee transformer.
what is your favorite drink? milk. and water too.
what do you take to bed every night? stuffed animal and frog blankie.
what is your favorite show to watch? octonauts. {it is a new favorite. as well as, jake and the pirates and special agent oso.}
who is your teacher? miss marabel.
what is your favorite snackie? crackers.
what is your favorite thing to do at school? play with cars.
what is your favorite thing to learn? letters.

just so happened that he had some pictures taken at school recently, so i'm going to use those for this post. they are the cutest thing ever! and no, i'm not biased one bit. ;)

pardon the sketchy quality. they were snapped on my iphone. so they are crooked and the color is off. i suck. and i'm sorry.  {just so much easier than trying to deal with the scanner these days.}

random tidbits.
- got a big boy bedroom for his birthday.
- minus about three nights of sleeping in his new loft bed, i cannot remember the last time he slept in a bed. he has slept in a sleeping bag, on the floor, for months.
- sleeps from about 830-9pm to 7am.
- can wear some 4t tops. the bottoms, no way! he's too short.
- is a total boy. loves pretend fighting. {i'm surprised he didn't say his army guys were his favorite toy.}
- started pee wee sports at school and loves it.
- still loves baths. he would stay in there for hours if we let him.
- is starting to sing lyrics to songs in the car. his version of thrift shop {that link might be the dirty version.} is awesome. {i'm still trying to get a good video of it.}
- is a huge fan of mini bagels.
- still wants a piece of candy after pooping.
- says almost as 'alstmo'.
- continues to call girls, grills.
- still a snuggle bug.
- will ask if you want to play soccer ball. {it is the only sport without ball at the end. kinda makes it tricky.}
- laughs during movies and cartoons at appropriate times. so fun to watch him 'get' things.
- will still add a 'y' to the end of certain words. milky, snacky, chippy...
- when he wakes up on the weekends, he'll come in our room and snuggle for a bit. then he climbs out of bed and will go downstairs and play for a bit giving nick and i a few minutes to wake up. love that he is finding his independence.
- remains shy at times. takes him a bit to warm up to you.
- has become a bit of a whiner. {trying to work on that. trying to make some bedtime adjustments...}
- is a really good helper. will clean up toys, put away his dirty clothes, put dirty dishes in sink, and help with other random chores.
- was a complete champ at his doctor's appointment. got two shots and didn't make a sound. no crying. no whining. just asked a few questions before, during, and after. he was awesome.
- reads stories to us before bedtime and the stories actually make sense! used to be pure gibberish. he will make sentences to go along with the pictures and sometimes sprinkles in random happenings from throughout his day.

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TracyDacy said...

Happy birthday Ben Pressner! I'm just the opposite of you ... now that I'm a grown up, I want to be a kid again! :-)