24 months.

where does time go?
and now that i'm getting ready to do this review, i'm kinda mad at myself for not doing it more over the last year. sigh.
the last one i did was 17 months.
ben's 12 month post is here. it's crazy to look back at and see how little different he looks!

the benster is currently at home with daddy. {i cannot say it enough, we are so lucky to have flexible jobs!} decided his present to himself would be a 102.8 fever yesterday when we got home. sigh. poor beans. was up to 103.8 last night when we woke him up at 930 to remedicate him. thankfully, this morning it's down to 101.2. already have an appointment with his pediatrician for the two year appointment tomorrow. hopefully, it's nothing serious....

a few of my most favorite recent photos. taken on fat tuesday so don't mind the beads. however, he does love bracelets and necklaces. ;)

let's see what i can come up with for his list...

- loves fruits and veggies. the kid even drinks v8! i think his least favorite might be raisins.
- not a fan of bread. can usually sneak in pb and j on a tortilla though.
- loves to run around the house. and he'll tell you that he's 'wunning'
- is obsessed with balls. baseballs, footballs, golf balls, plain ole balls. it's a bit ridiculous. i think basketballs might be his favorite. fitting since he was born during  march madness.
- can drink from a big boy cup. and as soon as he's moved into his new room at daycare, he'll have no more sippys while he's there.
- is talking up a storm. he will repeat anything you ask him to. it might not be the greatest, but he's trying.
- loves all modes of transportation. will point out airplanes, motorcycles, buses, and trucks. and if he hears a train, he'll repeat the noise.
- has had some killer temper tantrums. let's hope those are few and far between!
- doesn't really get startled by loud noises. he enjoys the vacuum, the blender/food processor, and my hair dryer.
- sleeps from 7ish to 7ish. and takes a 2-3 hour nap at daycare. when he's home with us, we can sometimes get two naps out of him. an early morning one for about an hour and then another 2-3 hour one in the afternoon.
- is wearing 18-24 mos clothing. {mostly tops. the 18 mos bottoms still fit. he's a shorty.} will have official stats on friday. updated to add the official stats: 25.6 pounds {22%}, 31.8 inches {<3%}.
- i'm pretty sure he has a whole mouth full of teeth. i'm not sticking my fingers in there to find out though! i try to count when we're brushing his teeth but that's a bit tough when i'm concentrating on brushing him or him not poking someone's eye out while he's brushing them!
- loves our cell phones. can figure out how to unlock them and get to 'his' apps.
- still loves to dance. we're working on raising the roof this week.
- says 'nub nu' and gives hugs and kisses. so sweet. sometimes we don't even have to ask, he just comes on over and gives ya a squeeze. ;)
- is a huge fan of the camera. i think he's gonna like his pressie... {love that i grabbed it on hella sale and just hung onto it!}
- only watches sports, wheel of fortune, wipeout, or dinosaur train on television.
- will say 'no' when he hears a song on the radio that he doesn't like.
- wants to do everything by himself. if you're doing something for him and he wants to do it, he'll say... 'ben'
- loves chocolate. aka mocolate.
- is a bit bossy. likes to tell people to 'sit down' {like a super busy man in a chinese restaurant. i know, i know. not totally politically correct. but he gets this crazy accent when he says it.} and forgets the please... 
- can name all of our family and friends in photos.
- will repeat the alphabet but has yet to sing it on his own... in front of us at least.
- can tell you that he's two. and can count to two! ha. we're working on it.
- can recognize some letters of the alphabet.
- knows many shapes and loves to play with the tick tock.
- knows his colors but is lazy and reply that something is either blue or green without looking at times.
- is majorly obsessed with circles. {i think it's related to his ball obsession...}
- knows body parts all of the easy ones and some trickier ones like elbow, knee, thumb, neck.
 - wants to talk on the phone whenever mommy and daddy are on it. he usually becomes very shy and stops talking as soon as we hand him the phone.
- is still using a binky.
- and takes his blankets every where. i swear his middle name could be linus.
- is super friendly. says hi and bye bye to everyone.
- has two parents who love him so very much and are so grateful to have him in their lives. and we are so very excited to watch him grow and learn and experience this crazy thing called parenthood with such a great little boy! <3.

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