wip. 2.26.11

i was able to clean out the upstairs bedroom. yay! now to tackle the closet it there. i'm thinking i might need to bring back the monthly goals... hmmm.

ben actually watched tv. i believe it was the backyardigans. so cute. it was my our first time!

family night with nick's dad's side of the family. always good times.

ben had a blast playing with his cousins.
so hard to get them to sit still!!

trip to the outlet mall!
ben was awesome. and i cannot believe that he actually fell asleep in his stroller. that never happens!

then it was a lazy evening at home. we needed it before our whirlwind sunday!

holy craziness.
started with dave and steph's baby shower. so fun! love them. cannot wait to meet their wee one!
snapped some uber crabby pics with my phone, i'll spare ya.

then we headed to the blackhawks game. my first ever! and we ran into my aunt at the game. so crazy!

had pretty great seats. thanks mom and dad!

the game went to overtime.

and after overtime they were still tied. so there was a shoot out. totally exciting.
and hawks win! couldn't ask for a better first time. ;)

mom, dad, and me.

aw. love him. he was so cute trying to teach me all about hockey. icing, hooking, offsides, tripping... phew. maybe one day!

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