sloppy joe...

sloppy joe.  slop slop-py joe.
i love adam sandler. but i'm totally off topic.

made home made sloppy joes this week. nick wasn't thrilled when i told them they were on the menu. his first words, 'i've never had home made ones that i liked. i like manwich and it's easier.'

true. i haven't been a big fan either.  but it's pw, so it has to be delicious, right?

right! we were both fans. i have never toasted the buns before making a sandwich. let me tell ya, this will be a new standard in the house. so good. nick was feeling naughty {pw's words, not mine} and added cheese to his and with a full mouth and a happy tummy, he told me we can definitely make them again!

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Carrie said...

We'll have to try hers. I now make my friend's mom's receipe - half hamburger and half chuck/pot roast, open pit and tomato sauce. It's the only AJ will eat, doesn't like manwich at all.