spring break?

i'm thinking that i'm going to take a break from the blog for the week. it's been pretty chaotic around here. hoping i can find time to post a few things. i really want to catch up on the wip and have been doing sooo good. but realistically i'm just not sure that's gonna be now. ;)

so back for sure on monday...


we're not on a break... anymore.

so i'm not the biggest fan of suit and tie... but his new hair and the song are growing on me.

and then there is this...

how can you not like it?
actually had a snl viewing marathon of his compilations with andy sandberg last week. love those too! and another for your viewing pleasure. you are welcome. ;) {my coworker is a huge, huge jimmy fallon fan. we're trying to figure out how we can go on a double date one day!}



of course, we would have a major snow storm in march. i mean, really? it's only been so nice in february and january. why wouldn't it snow?

left work early.  the parking lot was strange. it's only this empty at 730 in the morning and 530 at night!


the boys {jason and nick} had volleyball cancelled for the evening, so we rounded up the kids and decided to make the best of it.

ben loved shoveling earlier this year when we had little bits. hadn't had a chance to take him sledding just yet. tried to think of some local hill that was nearby. i thought we should check out the nearby retention pond... it was perfect!

we walked over to pick up the coopers. had to convince ben to lay on the sled and let nick pull him. once we did, he loved it. couldn't stop giggling. so cute!

we made it to the cooper house!
the kids {okay, jason and nick} decided to build a fort. 

beans loved sitting on the top of it and sliding down. 

three amigos. ;)

chris came home and we headed off. 

yay! we made it. 

here we go!

we had a blast. ben even rolled down the hill. he face planted a couple of times and would freak with all that snow in his face {can't say i blame him!} but was a total trooper.

i think we were outside for more than two hours. i was so cold after! didn't think ben's cheeks would return to their normal color for days! {my cheeks were actually wind burnt the next day.}

family photo op just before it got dark. 

and my instagram post...

had two tired boys when we got home. 

kinda hard to be mad at a snow storm when i got off of work early and got to spend some quality time with my two loves and some great friends. :)


ten on tuesday 3.19.13

- happy birthday dad! ;)

-i believe people should be taught doorbell etiquette. had three little girl scouts ring the crap out of the bell sunday during ben's nap. was so irritated. then the one little shit pulled the door open as i was holding it. what is that?

- finally decided that i cannot put skim milk in my coffee. only in my super sugary starbucks drinks.

- saw a 'god dit' license plate the other day. took me quite some time to 'get it.' ;)

- i really dislike people who expect freebies and hand outs.

- not sure what i think about the cool ranch taco. totally have to try it soon. i do enjoy the regular dorito taco.

- so annoyed by people who drive randomly through parking lots. there are rows for a reason people!

- feeling like this is a very negative post. oops.

- ben's bed is soooo close to being done. the only thing left is stain. go, nick, go!

- bought a dress for easter... looks like it's going to be like 30 degrees out. seriously, i miss last year's warm weather. bring back the 80' saint patrick's day please. oh well, at least it's light out longer.


wip 3.2.13

had turned the tv on and meant to turn on sportscenter and put some laundry away... got distracted, and didn't realize that i had left disney jr. on for who knows how long. i guess i can tune it out pretty easily!
 ignore the crazy hue in this picture. it's weird... but whatever.}

started sorting books in ben's old room. of course, he had to hoard like a million books and wanted his own bin to put them in.

while we sorted books, nick was steam cleaning the carpet in the other room. then once ben was asleep, we watched the watch. well, i feel asleep. ;)

ben enjoyed some of his new ikea bookshelves. these are going to be the stairs to his loft.  mister daredevil asked if he could jump off.... the top one! at least he knows to ask?! oy.

headed upstairs to measure again.

wanted to make sure the bed size was sufficient. had a hard time deciding between a twin and a full. {we ended up with twin.}

ben and i had date night while nick played volleyball. couldn't convince him to watch a movie with me. so i was stuck watching disney jr! someone asked for a late night snackie... he wanted pb and j. ;)

my mom came and watched ben for a bit so we could run some errands. i could not believe that fourth of july stuff is out at joann's! what is that?

found awesome fabric for ben's closet 'doors'. so stoked. hope i don't eff it up when i sew them!

love that lowes has these baskets. they were my favorite part of shopping at walgreens, which i have been boycotting. but anywho.

lumber selection. took forever! {and he ended up returning a bunch because it was still not straight enough.}

came home and then ran back out. tax time! so glad it's over. ben was a little confused on how to sit in a chair while we were there.

my brother came over after and helped nick with constructing the loft. so glad he was here. no way i would have been able to help nick while ben was awake. they had a super productive afternoon/evening and got it mostly done. yay!

so hard to complete this massive project with such little bits of time.  i'm okay with the little details not being completely done when ben moves in. but the bed totally needs to be done!


wip 2.23.13

headed to lowes and costco. picked up the last few things for ben's new closet and costco, well, it's costco!

could not believe how empty it was... especially for a friday night.

ben wanted to check out the movies one more time, so uncle k took him. then ben took off running. k was impressed at his lightening quick speeds! and he did a great job of keeping ben nearby.

fun with bean bags.

once ben went to bed, we watched prometheus. k stayed to visit and his girlfriend joined us. i fell asleep. just remember thinking that it was a strange movie.

took beans to see escape from planet earth.  ben and his snackie.

he totally enjoyed the movie.
{the following is my edited instagram pic.}

convinced nick to spend a dollar to try and win some toys. of course they didn't win. but ben had a blast. well worth the money.

nick headed to work right after the movie and ben and i went home.
nick stopped for some odds and ends from the grocery store and surprised me with home made french bread pizzas for dinner. yum.

nick headed upstairs and finished ben's closet. ben and i chilled on the couch.

mister silly decided he couldn't use his hands to eat his cheese balls? only his grapes. boys!

lazy morning. decided to top my bagel with bacon. was too lazy to eat separately, i guess. 

some snuggle time on the couch with my boys.

he hopped couches. i think he wanted more space.

tried to finish off the last of the hawaiian punch. nick was insistent on snapping a pic.

see previous wordless wednesday post. it totally helped. will do this with all future rxs!

trying to decide where to start painting.

here they go!

ben wanted to help. made him strip down to his skivies. figured paint on some underwear was no big deal.

the room went from gray to gray. the first one was a bit purple-y. this one is more green-ish.

awesome shot of the moon from our bedroom window.

a little blurrier view.

ben finally getting to help.

needed a union break for some snackies.

he's back.

clearly, he's enjoying himself.

nick was able to finish up the painting. {which looks awesome. so happy with the color we chose.} i watched the oscars.

phew. can you believe i'm almost up to date. fingers crossed!!!!