ten on tuesday 3.12.13

- saw someone shoveling last week with a giant piece of sheet metal. wha?

- i cannot hear carly simon's you're so vain without thinking of how to lose a guy in 10 days.

- love when ben sings along to songs in the car. can't help but smile. ;)

- finally watched snl with jt. loved vegan-ville and the dating game.

 - costco spinach is the bomb. the bag i bought three weeks ago is still awesome!

- why must we endure changing the clocks for four months? so doesn't seem worth it.

- bought a new coffee maker. our keurig finally died. nick is loving it. i have yet to use it.

- all this daylight has me excited for lilacs and open windows and flips and grilling and good fruit!

- had my girlfriend tell me she finally shaved her legs... confessed that she had to use trimmers first. egads!

- finished the first season of american horror story. yay us! now to get this season under control.

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