wip 2.2.13


pedicure on the coldest day of the year. only me. ;)

had a problem choosing a color. wanted something different. i'm normally a purple/burgundy/grey girl.


texting nick for input... and i decided on something completely different. well, it was a little blue. with some green. think it's the bottom right color that was cut off.

lots of fancy creams.

a healing mask.

was nice. just stunk that i had to sit there and wait for the nails to dry. oh well, yay for books and phones for entertainment.

that evening kevin came over and helped nick with the basement. ben and i chilled and enjoyed some tv time.

wanted to use some old bananas. found a pinterest recipe and gave it a go...

ben and i were entertained by the floating balloon!

finished product. looked prettier than it tasted. wasn't cooking properly and had no flavor. oh well.

once nick woke up, the boys headed outside to shovel.

was so funny. ben kept shoveling the snow where nick had already cleared.  first photo was taken with my iphone.

 then i decided that i should actually pull out the point and shoot. used it for the first time in maybe a month.

uggs and jams. perfect snow attire. ;)

ben was really excited to see the snow plow. then he was confused as to why we waved at a stranger.

once they finished shoveling the drive way the boys headed out back to play. 

ben was sooo excited. last year, when it snowed, he was sick. so he didn't really get to play in it. was fun to see him throw snow balls! he even put snow down nick's back. was funny because we have never done that with him. not sure where he got it from!

the boys playing in the backyard. {a view from our room.}

then nick and i headed out to meet up with friends. nick was super hungry so we stopped at culvers where he got a chili cheese burger?! who eats that in the car? he's lucky i love him. i ended up cutting it into pieces and feeding it to him. sigh.

met at steph and dave's then headed out to an aracade. $15 all you can play. and they had duff. nick was in heaven.

i felt like we were right back in high school! mike, dave, and nick.

ry and nick playing teenage mutant ninja turtles. they all ended up playing. and i'm told they beat the game.

burger time! i was in heaven. and mrs. pacman. love, love, love.

was pretty crowded when we got there. emptied out a bit by the time we left for dinner.

went for dinner at chef shangri-la.

had a crazy tiki guy and pond inside.

my food came in a boat. and it tasted like funnel cake. i forget what it was, but steph and i shared. so glad we did because hers was spicy and was a nice balance.

have never seen the gro egg blue. not in the dave and steph's new house! couldn't believe it!

left the friends and headed to nick's work. had a crazy late call and either had to get up super duper early sunday or just go late saturday. we opted to just stop on our way home from illinois.

happy radio music. i could listen to this song for hours. so fun.

yawn. i'm pretty sure i fell asleep waiting for him.

lazy sunday. 
did some letters and writing practice.

then it was super bowl time!

chicken wings. 

home made guac and dip. yum. that dip is trouble. i can't stop eating it.

beans hanging with gigi.

daddy and ben playing games on gigi's computer during the game.

chewy chilling on my lap while we watched the game.

i folded some laundry. ben pretended to be laundry.

was disappointed that the 49ers lost. but enjoyed the food and company!

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