of course, we would have a major snow storm in march. i mean, really? it's only been so nice in february and january. why wouldn't it snow?

left work early.  the parking lot was strange. it's only this empty at 730 in the morning and 530 at night!


the boys {jason and nick} had volleyball cancelled for the evening, so we rounded up the kids and decided to make the best of it.

ben loved shoveling earlier this year when we had little bits. hadn't had a chance to take him sledding just yet. tried to think of some local hill that was nearby. i thought we should check out the nearby retention pond... it was perfect!

we walked over to pick up the coopers. had to convince ben to lay on the sled and let nick pull him. once we did, he loved it. couldn't stop giggling. so cute!

we made it to the cooper house!
the kids {okay, jason and nick} decided to build a fort. 

beans loved sitting on the top of it and sliding down. 

three amigos. ;)

chris came home and we headed off. 

yay! we made it. 

here we go!

we had a blast. ben even rolled down the hill. he face planted a couple of times and would freak with all that snow in his face {can't say i blame him!} but was a total trooper.

i think we were outside for more than two hours. i was so cold after! didn't think ben's cheeks would return to their normal color for days! {my cheeks were actually wind burnt the next day.}

family photo op just before it got dark. 

and my instagram post...

had two tired boys when we got home. 

kinda hard to be mad at a snow storm when i got off of work early and got to spend some quality time with my two loves and some great friends. :)

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