wip 2.16.13

nick went to work early. it's been pretty chaotic for him as of late. so beaner and i got to sleep in a bit. took him to school. stopped for a white castle breakfast on the way back... hadn't had one in ages. so good!
worked on spare bedroom {ben's future big boy room} closet. got it emptied and organized all gift wrap and miscellaneous gifts that were in there.
nick came home. enjoyed some frisbee time. and then had to head back to work to finish up. he likes going in when no one is there and he can turn the phones off! i don't blame him.

once nick left, ben and i hung out and did laundry and watched disney jr. perfect friday evening! :)

headed to lake central's dance invitational. wanted to see nick's step sister dance.
had texted her that we were there and she responded with this... titled 'behind the scenes'. silly girl.

nick sent this to her as our response.

and the boys and their dueling phones waiting between performances.

was good to see everyone and all the teams. fun to do once a year.

look! christy took an ad out for me. i'm kidding...

got home to find some brownies on my doorstep. yay!
had talked about leaving out a toy for jamie's son to borrow, saw a post on facebook about home made brownies, so i texted her that she needed to leave brownies in exchange for the toy. she told me they were all gone! so sad. was pleasantly surprised to find out she made another batch and shared. and i love her super hero note pad!

drove out to see tommie and jen later that nick.
nick was so jealous of tom's new computer set up. boys and their toys...

love that he has photo collages in his downstairs bathroom. had to take a pic of nick and i from ages ago!

headed home and nick needed coffee. a gas station would have to do. and i decided it was time for left overs while waiting for him!

came home and saw that my mom and ben made a marshmallow fort. well, this was what was left of it when we got home!

breakfast at a local restaurant, comfort's. not our favorite. but they did make ben a cute mickey mouse pancake. 

the boy is obsessed with using knives.

spent the rest of the morning running errands.
entertained ben with some paint chips. so good for when you run out of paper!

found this bean bag and matching lamp at the grocery store. ben insisted on having the bean bag. we obliged. it now has a home in his new room.

and enjoying his precariously perched bean bag after naptime.

beans wants to apply lotion to everyone when he decides that he needs some. and i am not going to turn down a leg/foot rub!

super productive day. lots of stuff crossed off of our lists which makes for a super happy shannon.

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