pinterest project. {april 1012}

i have to admit, i wasn't too sure about the projects that were picked for this month. we ended up doing two, but i only have pics of the one. it was my favorite. and i went out and purchased a bunch more towels, to make some more as little pressies. so easy. so cute. ;)

it's a toiletry holder made from kitchen towels. i believe we were supposed to use hand towels. who knew there was such a big difference?! so i just cut the kitchen towel in half and made two from one. {i bought the ones with the grids, so i had a template of where to sew. my lines might have been hella crazy if i didn't!}

here's the first one i did.
with some sewing tools inserted into the pouches for a visual. {and they're just unedited iphone pics, so nothing fancy...}

and this was what i had done at the end of the night. five different ones. the ribbon to tie them closed was added at a later time, so they are pictured without. but it's pretty darn nifty, if i do say so myself!

love that you can make the pouches whatever sizes you want. can be totally customized. now i just have to find a few moments, to whip up a few more!


photo friday.

stopped at the library last friday to make a donation. was feeling fancy and decided borrow a book... they asked me for id. apparently, i hadn't been there since ben was born! let's hope it's not that long before i have a chance to go back. {other than to return the book!}


notebook doodles revisted.

posted some doodles ages ago. and i'm feeling quite lazy and won't be going back to post a linky of the ones i have shared before. sorry.

here's a link to the her blog.

just spent some time on her site, apparently she's been away for a while. ;(

here are a few that caught my attention. in no particular order.


wip 4.21.12


nick stayed home! we had alyson's wedding in the evening, and we didn't want to risk him being stuck at work.

we took ben to daycare and then headed out to breakfast. it had been ages since we had been to the scrambled diner, so we ventured out.

got a ton done. finished up ben's fundraiser stuff for school, finished our dinner menu and grocery list for the week, sorted coupons, chatted, enjoyed our meal and each other. ;)

his was tastier than mine. that rarely happens. i tried the orchard omelette. eh. nick got one of the daily specials: cajun skillet. so good. 

then it was time to run a zillion errands: target, stracks, goodwill, gamestop, the library, the bank. phew. i'm tired thinking about it all over again!

came home and tried to nap. so didn't happen. oh well. didn't get much of anything done when we got home. i think we over did it on the errand front!

made it to the hotel with plenty of time to spare. were able to relax and visit with friends a bit before alyson and timmy's wedding.

wedding time!
cute little welcome package for staying at the hotel. {which was totally worth it when we found out what time ben woke up saturday morning. despite the alphi sigma psi omicron epsilon theta delta kappa convention that took place and the stepping and loudness that went on in the hallway until like 3 am.}

sleep number bed! nick was in heaven. 

awe, so pretty. ;)

enjoying some cocktails and hors de vours.

her amazing cake!

 table shot.

the couples.

bitchy friends forever! xo.

yay! the bride visited our table. 

showing alyson  julie's text. val was checking out aly's girls... ;)

fun with the peacock feathers. 

i tried a five hour energy. me no likey.

love miss photobomber.

because i love him. another pic.

playing with the photo props. not the greatest pic since nick waited til the professionals were done.

more feather fun. 

 yay friends.

casper slide. or maybe the cha cha slide. it was a good wedding. they played all three!!!

the happy couple.

got up and headed home.  had a first birthday party to attend!

little miss sage enjoyed her cake. ;)

the kids enjoyed the bouncy house. and we may have found a new birthday destination! 
ben with miss gabby and miss drea.

ben found the ball! mister raymond joined in on the action!

so we came home and all climbed into our bed and napped. but then i guess ben nudged nick out of ben, over two hours later, ben and i were feeling pretty darn refreshed!

didn't do much the rest of the evening. needed time to rest up from the previous 24 hours!


a perfectly lazy day filled with puzzles and play doh! well, at least that is all i took pictures of! and it's probably a good thing since this is a picture heavy post...

a much needed and relaxing day spent with my two favorite people. ;)


ten on tuesday 4.24.12

- it has been one hell of a week. yes, i realize it's only tuesday. the sad thing is, i thought this yesterday.

- i love it when someone calls you and the first thing they say was, 'i was hoping you wouldn't answer.' so funny because it's my mom. and maybe if she would join the 21st century and text, i wouldn't have to answer... she could text! but then she would have to have a new phone. one which she would have to keep on, so i'm pretty sure that i'll continue to get that funny phone call. ;)

- ben watched stuart little last night. said that the kitties were bad guys, they were. and that they scared him. awe, sweet boy. but i did love that he snuggled on my lap the entire movie and we talked about how it was only pretend.

- can i ask why someone would ride their bike down a busy road during rush hour when there is a sidewalk not five feet away? i would so pick the sidewalk.

- twisted my ankle yesterday. my good one. awesome.  no, i didn't see a doctor... being on my feet today all day was an adventure.  i told you it's been a long week.

- caught up on glee. eh. so not impressed. will continue to watch it though. otherwise, we would have nothing to watch! might need to find some new sitcoms...

- i hate windy days. i dislike windy garbage days even more. blech garbage from my neighbors everywhere in my yard.

- i love it when i get a text in seven parts because the story is that juicy and detailed.  and i love when the accents are typed in. {yes jamie i'm talking about you!}

- experimented with grilled cheese tonight. havarti cheese, green apples, ham, and dusseldorf mustard from white castle. so very tasty. maybe if this nursing thing doesn't pan out i can go to culinary school. ha. i'm kidding. no way i'm going back to school.

- and chelsea handler, thank you. thank you for telling me about fresca and vodak. we just grabbed some fresca from the store this past week. and i read somewhere that you mixed the two together. totally made my evening and made this exhaustingly long week a wee bit more tolerable. ;) oh and i will read your books someday. maybe vacation....


wip 4.14.12

stupid computer didn't want me to stay on track. oh well, here we go.

i think i'm gonna skip the same ole day to day happenings that seem to occur every friday. maybe i'll start in the evening when nick gets home. or post if something really fun happens during the day....

friday evening, nick and i went to see the hunger games. was amazing. it had been a while since i had read the books, so some of the details slipped my memory, but from what i recall, it was pretty spot on. and it didn't feel like we sat there for two and a half hours. honestly, i would have sat there for another hour. so good! and if you haven't read the books, do it! it may sound like an awful topic to read about but it's not so bad. and she's a pretty kick ass heroine. we need more of those nowadays. ;)

nick insisted on the collector's edition battleship container. silly boy. 

and a selphy in the car. total afterthought!

lazy day. had debated a trip to the zoo but nick convinced me last minute that the rain wouldn't miss us and we should stay home. and we did. and the rain missed us! :) but we did make a much needed trip to costco. what a highlight, right?!

 enjoying our gourmet hot dog lunch. {not coke. tea, i believe.}

it's a miracle. our cart isn't completely overloaded. we did manage to still spend quite a bit. surprising how much money fits in one lil bag! :)

spent a lazy evening at home. i watched 50/50. yes, i cried. such a good movie. but i love joseph gorden levitt. i think it's the dimples!

bri's birthday party.
someone was obsessed with the balloons. complete and total shocker, right?

birthday girl and ben. and photo bomber. 

ben kept saying 'i can't see!' on the way home! it was a miracle we fit all those balloons in lil miss hybrid!

ben woke up with a fever. was an evening spent playing with balloons instead of getting together with some friends as previously planned. oh well. 

nick ended up going to work late that night, so he could stay home with ben on monday. caught some sweet pics of the lil man on my phone while it was just the two of us...

he kept insisting that i cover him in all of the blankets. whatever works, right?

my poor bean. you can really tell he isn't feel up to par in this one...