ten on tuesday 4.24.12

- it has been one hell of a week. yes, i realize it's only tuesday. the sad thing is, i thought this yesterday.

- i love it when someone calls you and the first thing they say was, 'i was hoping you wouldn't answer.' so funny because it's my mom. and maybe if she would join the 21st century and text, i wouldn't have to answer... she could text! but then she would have to have a new phone. one which she would have to keep on, so i'm pretty sure that i'll continue to get that funny phone call. ;)

- ben watched stuart little last night. said that the kitties were bad guys, they were. and that they scared him. awe, sweet boy. but i did love that he snuggled on my lap the entire movie and we talked about how it was only pretend.

- can i ask why someone would ride their bike down a busy road during rush hour when there is a sidewalk not five feet away? i would so pick the sidewalk.

- twisted my ankle yesterday. my good one. awesome.  no, i didn't see a doctor... being on my feet today all day was an adventure.  i told you it's been a long week.

- caught up on glee. eh. so not impressed. will continue to watch it though. otherwise, we would have nothing to watch! might need to find some new sitcoms...

- i hate windy days. i dislike windy garbage days even more. blech garbage from my neighbors everywhere in my yard.

- i love it when i get a text in seven parts because the story is that juicy and detailed.  and i love when the accents are typed in. {yes jamie i'm talking about you!}

- experimented with grilled cheese tonight. havarti cheese, green apples, ham, and dusseldorf mustard from white castle. so very tasty. maybe if this nursing thing doesn't pan out i can go to culinary school. ha. i'm kidding. no way i'm going back to school.

- and chelsea handler, thank you. thank you for telling me about fresca and vodak. we just grabbed some fresca from the store this past week. and i read somewhere that you mixed the two together. totally made my evening and made this exhaustingly long week a wee bit more tolerable. ;) oh and i will read your books someday. maybe vacation....

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